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Princess of Gaza – Episode 8


After few words with the King, Prince Hosni introduced the chiefs who accompanied him one after the other in their order of eldership _ starting from the highest ranked to the least. Once he was done, the King  welcomed them individually appreciating their coming to grace the occasion. Afterwards the he called on one of the maids in the hall to go fetch the Princess who was still in her chamber at the time _  the maid subsequently rushed down the alley to intimate the Princess about the Prince’s arrival.

“My Princess, the noble Prince of Suez land is right in the King’s hall and your Father request that you grace the hall without delay” the maid calmly delivered the message on her knees right there in front of  the Princess with her face bowed.

“There you go again, always acting like a fool…How many times have I told you not to remind me of anything I know beforehand?”. The princess eftly asked. “I mean why are you so dumb?, And eehmm what’s that your name again? The Princess asked feignly . The maid subsequently replied in the softest of voices.

“My Princess, My name is Niyah. I am so sorry if I have said something wrong, I do not mean to anger you. Forgive me my princess” She pleaded profusely after which she begged to take her leave following in time.

As soon as her maids were done adorning her with the finest of ornaments, she calmly stood and proceeded to the Palace hall. Meanwhile four of her maids escorted her to the hall with Gina leading the way behind her. It wasn’t long that she got to the hall which was now fairly filled thanks to the other chiefs who just joined in the celebration. However, the Prince of Suez was wowed as she beheld the Princess_She looked utmostly lost and carried away as he continuously looked at her while she made her way straight down to her father. She bowed before her father who rose to welcome her planting a light peck on her cheek. It was visible enough that the King was so ecstatic, he looked lively and was all smiles throughout.

“You are welcome my daughter”, He started _ placing his hands on her shoulders and looking straight into her eyes, “the only shining light of the land  of Gaza. Allow me to introduce to you the first son of the King of Suez…Prince Honsi, He is here with his kinsmen to seek your hand in matrimony and as you can see he is a respectful, calm, charming and above all he breeds royalty which is what befits a princess like you. So what says thou my beautiful daughter?”. King Mido asked looking towards the direction of his daughter who was already seated. However, she took a glance at the Prince wearing a stern look even though the Prince was all smiles.

“Father, as much as I’ve made my intentions clear prior to this time not to engage in whatsoever relationship, I still find it quite arduous to scorn your dictates, Well I only hope the Prince is exactly how you have painted him. In the wake of this _ I am ready to be engaged to him” She submitted calmy although amidst her evident ego and constant frowns.

In no time the traditional normalities were completed and the drums were rolled out for all to dance and felicitate. There were lots to eat and drink as everybody merried and enjoyed themselves in wild ecstasy including the palace staffs. From Thence the event became  the talk of all the regions in Egypt, The news of the traditional matrimony spread like wild fire in the town and in neighboring hamlets that surrounded Gaza. King Mido meanwhile was so pleased to have bethroted her daughter to the Prince of Suez, He was even more exultant because the matrimony between the two royal household would only but further strengthen both the business bond and friendly ties between the families.

The engagement was done and dusted, although Cara still remained in the Palace, tradition alludes that not until the annual Gaza festival of Yah(Lah) ‘the festival of the Moon god’  is completed, where she would bear the final sacrifice, she shouldn’t be allowed to leave with her spouse. The only thing required of King is to bethroth her before the festivity which supports why it was hitherto done in earnest.


The next Episode is definitely gon’ wow you…Do not miss it for anything!

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