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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 11


By this time the king was already exasperated, He was so confused and at the same time impatient. He wasn’t sure of what to do at the moment, he literally watched her daughter as she walked out of his sight.

“Something is not right somewhere, I can’t imagine why Cara is putting up such wayward character…arrgh!” He sighed, “or what could all this vicious and overripe attitude of hers’ be about?”, he soliloquized out of confusion. After few days Prince Hosni visited Gaza once again with the sole aim of sorting out things with his bride to be, It’s so funny that even after the horrid show the Princess put up at Suez the Prince still cared so much about her even though both parties never said a word to each other prior to the his visit. It was an urgent visit so Hosni came with just a handful of his guards, King Mido was a bit astonished to see him in his Palace. However he welcomed him with a warm hug and offered him a seat.

“You are welcome my dear Prince, it would be foolhardy to say I do not know the reason for your snell visit. But you would allow me tender my apology to you and your father, no much thanks to my daughter’s ugly show at your place _ I am deeply sorry, I have equally apologized to my friend, your father and I believe we are one and we should be able to forgive ourselves when need arises” King Mido submitted briskly.

“It’s ¬†alright my King, personally I have forgiven her and my visit should be enough to convince as regards that. Ehmmm _ I don’t know if she’s in the premises as I would like to have a word with her” The Prince uttered calmly adjusting her cap which gorgeously complemented his attire. He fixed his gaze on King Mido as he awaited the his response, The king meanwhile quickly sipped from his wine cup. Afterwards he cleared his throat, adjusted his sitting position and then he ordered one of his guards to get a maid to inform the princess of the Prince’s visit.

Thereafter, It appeared as if the Princess wasn’t keen on seeing the Prince as it was taking the whole day for her to come to the Palace hall, In the meantime the King and Prince Hosni engaged themselves with some petty business talks as they waited the Princess. After several minutes the Princess finally arrived much to her father’s anger even though he was cautious enough not to make his displeasure too visible. Princess Cara majestically walked straight to his father and bowed in reference, She was welcomed and just then the Prince gave a tender grin as their eyes locked. The Princess didn’t smile in return which left the Prince wondering what she could be up to this time around. In short they settled their differences even though it was the Prince who got himself to take the faults as he gentlemanly swallowed his pride and took the blame when it was glaring that the Princess wasn’t going to admit she was at fault for slapping Alimah.

Well, easy does it…isn’t it?, the two lovers who looked more estranged than compatible continued their love tales even though there were visible spoors that things could take a rather weird turn someday, but in the meantime they were good. The Prince was doing frantically enough to save and keep the relationship, He would condone whatever the spoilt Princess threw at her and maybe if not for his perseverance things might probably have taken a different turn.

Their relationship was by now about 8 months and few days old and everyone seemed to have settled in properly including King Mido, Glad that the Princess could finally hold her man responsibly. In truth the Princess looked like someone who wants to keep her man because for the first time it appears like she loves the Prince yet she doesn’t refrain from her nauseating attitudes and then the Prince was doing real good to condone her. After few weeks the Princess decided she needed to visit Suez again, Ideally she felt there was the need to right her wrongs and give a decent account of herself. It was a well orchestrated plan which would see her ramble back into the good books of all and sundry and above all warm her way back into the hearts of everyone. She called on her maids and guards to get prepared for their trip to Suez which was billed for the next day.


Is the Princess really picking on a new leaf ?, Or is there another joker on display? Episode 12 has the answers to thesee questions.

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