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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 12



“Zianah”, She echoed the maid’s name who was at the time  tending to her laundry…The young maid quickly responded as she ran to her presence and bowed at her feet. “My Princess you called” Zianah said.

“Yes I did, I want you to rise and inform Gina and the other maids that we will be embarking on a journey to Suez tomorrow _ tell her to get my wears and every other necessary items and also inform my guards to prepare for the trip. You may rise” The Princess communicated. She likewise informed her father about the trip, She highlighted how much she had missed her hubby and also stated her plans of making peace with the Suez Palace. Her father however supported the idea and gave her his blessings.

And off she went with her entourage to Suez on the following day, Considering the fact that Suez isn’t proximal to Gaza, it was expected to be a fairly long trip. However before noon they arrived at Suez land. It was like an homecoming, She was welcomed absolutely, the royal drums were rolled out again and there were lots to eat and drink as her visit coincided with the eve of their annual sacrifice which was traditionally carried out  by the Prince. It is a festivity that dictates that the Prince of Suez sleeps with a strange goddess all through the entire night in order for him to be able to rear his own kids when he eventually marries his woman. According to tradition it is believed that this act would only placate the fertility goddess so that she would smile on the Prince and give unto his bride beautiful kids. Although it’s not new to the Prince neither is it strange to the people of Suez.

That night everyone had enough to themselves, they wined and dinned to as much as their tummy could contain. There was no restriction whatsoever, ‘The world and his wife’ (everybody) had the whole fun that very night. However as soon as it was getting late and midnight was fast approaching, People started leaving the premises for their various homes. Thereafter the king called on his son, the princess and a few other chiefs who were still in the Palace at the time. They were all seated in King Zaki’s private room where the discourse was to take place… If the Prince and the chiefs are in weet of what the king was about to discuss with them, the princess was absolutely wanting, She had not the slightest idea of what the meeting was all about. In the meantime the Prince kept giving her soft smiles as they rubbed hands, Still looking absent though but she seldomly smiled back as she anxiously awaited the king’s talk. Finally King Zaki commenced his talk by greeting everyone present in the small room, He especially greeted his chiefs who were still up till the moment when normally they should be in their beds.

“I greet everyone seated here tonight, most importantly I greet my noble chiefs for their perseverance and everyday support since I mounted the ancient stool of Suez. I would also like to appreciate my dear princess for keeping awake up till this lated hours, I must say that I’m deeply impressed and am glad she’s here. She couldn’t have chosen to visit at a better time. Ehmmm _ her visit would only enable her know more about our norms and traditions” He coolly cleared his throat as he continued while everyone watched on with rapt attention, especially the princess.

“Except for the princess who is new to our traditional festival of the goddess of fortune and fertility, We all know that tonight is the night that has been chosen by the goddess to visit the prince, a night whereby the prince is expected to sleep in his room alone as he anticipates the visit of the fertility goddess” King Zaki briefly highlighted as he relaxed to entertain questions and possibly conjectures from the them before continuing. Just as expected the princess was first to talk and as usual she didn’t hold anything back…She utterly ventilated her dissent towards such act which she termed barbaric and extremely uncultured.

“I want to believe my ears were deceiving me all along”, She started theatrically. “Because I find it rather strange to admit that some so called big empire in Egypt would still indulge in such ancient traditions that would see gods coming into the midst of men, Well…not that I care though, but what I have to say is that the Prince here (pointing to Prince Hosni who was seated beside her) is my hubby and I won’t even share him with another woman let alone some doxy of a goddess somewhere. So am glad to inform the noble sitting that I _ Princess Cara, the only shining light of the land of Gaza is sleeping in his room tonight, and that’s final. She stated with assertive force. Everyone was bemused by what they were seeing and hearing. The prince was totally down, all he could do was to bow his head in between his hands, So what now? Where do they go from here?, and many other were the apparent questions everyone seem to be asking with the gestures, countenance and expressions on their troubled faces.


You have been reading Princess Of Gaza, The final episode of this Epic unwraps everything in the hidden. Stay glued to this word channel to read.

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