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Boon Akinsade Foundation launches Ondo Ekimogun first information website.

The Boon Akinsade Foundation is delighted to announce the successful completion of its transformative six-month tech training program in Ondo Kingdom. The program culminated in the launch of Ondo Ekimogun first Information website https://ondoekimogun.com.ng/, a dynamic website designed by participants of the Boon Akinsade Foundation Tech Training in UI/UX—a remarkable achievement underscoring the foundation’s commitment to education, technology, and cultural preservation.

The tech training program, initiated in March 2023, provided participants with an immersive learning experience in UI/UX and Website Development. Over the course of six months, students delved into cutting-edge technologies, mastering the art of user interface design, user experience optimization, and website development.

The crowning achievement of the tech training program is the Ondo Ekimogun Information Page. This website serves as a digital platform dedicated to showcasing the rich history and cultural heritage of Ondo Kingdom. Crafted by the UI/UX students themselves, the page represents a completed project that harmonizes technology, education, and the preservation of cultural identity.

The website stands as a digital testament to the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich history and cultural heritage of Ondo Kingdom. Through meticulous curation of historical archives, vibrant cultural showcases, and interactive maps, the website provides an invaluable resource for scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. By marrying technology with tradition, the page not only serves as a virtual repository but also acts as a bridge connecting past, present, and future generations. Its significance lies in its ability to disseminate knowledge, foster a deeper understanding of Ondo’s heritage, and contribute to the ongoing narrative of this vibrant and storied community.

This project showcases the participants’ technical prowess and also offers a tangible benefit to the community. The website opens doors to global audiences, promoting Ondo Kingdom’s cultural richness to the world. Its usefulness extends beyond the immediate audience, becoming a digital hub for educators, historians, and anyone seeking to explore and appreciate the heritage of Ondo Kingdom. The Ondo Ekimogun Information Page stands not just as a completed project but as a living testament to the symbiosis of technology, education, and cultural preservation.

Founder of the Boon Akinsade Foundation, Boon Akinsade, expressed heartfelt pride in the completion of the project: “The success of this tech training program and the launch of the Ondo Ekimogun Information Page mark a significant milestone for both the participants and our foundation. It reinforces our belief in the transformative power of education and technology to effect positive change.”

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