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Princess of Gaza – Episode 7i


Mayhap it’s true that if you do not have any awards or credits  that are noteworthy, you shouldn’t sweat it. However, most people around the palace are aware of this and even the all supreme Princess Cara should too except she’s only keen on deceiving herself because nearly the whole of Gaza knows she’s absolutely nothing to write home about when it comes to decency of character.

Well, she didn’t even concern herself about anyone or what is been said behind her back…More like she’s satisfied once those rebukers are not confident enough to say it to her face. Meanwhile the preparations were going on practically in every angle of King Mido’s Palace even as Prince Hosni and his entourage approaches. A great day it should be, isn’t it?.

After few hours later when the day was exactly halved, Prince Hosni called the King to inform him about their arrival into the town of Gaza even though they still had to drive for few minutes before getting to his Palace. Meanwhilst, King Mido was glad to hear about their arrival. He smiled all along as he communicated with the Prince on the phone.  The Princess was also intimated about the Prince’s arrival, expectedly she wasn’t moved one bit. She just went about doing what she was doing before the maid came in to deliver the urgent message.

“My princess, I’d like to inform you about the imminent arrival of Prince Hosni…Your father, the King sent me. My princess” Zianah stuttered as she knelt in front of her fixing her gaze below.

“Very well then, have received your message but with no pleasure whatsoever…You may rise and leave at once” Princess Cara ordered. It wasn’t long after Zianah left the Princess’ chamber that their anticipation of the Prince’s arrival ended as there was a loud sound of the ancestral horn which normally indicated the arrival of royalties in Suez land especially when they are far away from home. King Mido meanwhile knew the Prince had arrived, He gave a tender grin as he sat on his ornate seat. It was seen all over him that he was nothing short of exhilarated knowing fully well that his only daughter was getting engaged.

However, there were some formalities needed to be done before the Prince steps out of his official car, his aides were seen running from one spot to the other as his maids who accompanied her put finishing touches to his dressing just to make him look charming and sumptuous, One of his guards rolled out the crested rug on which he would tread on into the Palace. It was a beautiful sight to behold, Such sight that would tickle the layman and would make him feel like riding on the horse synonymous with royalty. The red coloured rug had the seal of Suezland on both ends of it, It was gorgeous to behold. In the meantime the chiefs and guards of Gaza were already stationed outside to usher in the Prince and his cohorts.

After all the necessary formalization were done, Prince Hosni prestigiously stepped out of his sparkling white SUV, he was warmly welcomed by the awaiting Chiefs and guards as they ushered him into the main Palace alley leading to the King’s hall. His kinsmen who came along with him also followed behind, that was subsequent to extending greetings with the Gaza chiefs. King Mido was on his own was more than pleased to behold the Prince, He was warmly greeted and welcomed as he bowed to the King who responded by placing the royal staff on his shoulder.

“You are welcome my son, Am most ecstatic to have you in my Palace and I want to believe your father…my friend is in good health” King Mido said.

“Yes my King, My father…the King of Suez is in perfect health and he extends his regards, He would have been here too but he needed to tend to some state matters.  I must also say that you’ve got a beautiful Palace here and I am more than glad to be in your presence and in your Palace, My King” Prince Hosni regarded.


You have been reading Princess Of Gaza, Episode 8 is next!

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