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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 9


The two royal homes couldn’t have been happier, it was another milestone in the history books of both royal homes. Princess Cara and her hubby are truly solemnized traditionally but tradition won’t permit them to live with each other just yet although they were not restrained from seeing eachother whenever they so desire, Expectedly the  couple got along quite alright even though Prince Hosni was already perceiving some rots in the Princess’ carriage notably one of such rude characters was showcased by the Princess one day when she decided to pay the Prince a visit in Suez, She had sent words to the Prince beforehand of her impending visit.

It all happened in the Palace of the King of Suez, King Zaki. He is one of the few monarchs across Egypt who is well known for his shrewdness and streetwise, One can boldly say his son Prince Hosni got his diligence, wisdom and of course his good looks from his father; Not minding the fact that he is fairly aged, He still carries so much swagger and royal touch.

The Princess was temperately welcomed by King Zaki, it was clear enough that she was loved and treasured by everyone in the Palace, However inspite of the decent treat given to her by everyone she still looked unavailable, She was rather offensively uneasy, a behaviour which could possibly not be explained by anyone. Well, it could be down to her weird nature and usual attitude of always looking down on everyone.  In the meantime she was taken in and well tended to. But just like the flame one’s character cannot be hidden for so long. As wonted she found another victim to pick on, this time one of King Zaki’s personal maid _ Even if an individual is accursed with acting badly, it is expected that you cub such attitudes sometimes. In Princess Cara’s case, she never wasted anytime in displaying her wayward and rude habits. Alimah is one of the King’s longest serving maid, Although she’s now more like family than a maid owing to the fact that she has been in the Palace since she was age 11, and now she’s just few months to clocking the age of 42, Understandably she has spent practically the larger part of her life in the Palace which makes her the king’s favourite, as a matter of truth she literally groomed Prince Hosni into the decent young man he is. If princess Cara had known this, maybe she wouldn’t have gone as far as doing what she did to Alimah. The princess was in one of the living rooms in the palace when she perceived some unceasing soft voices from one end of the palace, Alimah was in the kitchen giving orders to the younger maids, She was only doing her job as the King had foretold her not to lay hands on anything considering her long standing service. He would only like her to give directives to the other maids so that everything would be in order. This was what Alimah was going about and the younger maids who respected her so dearly carried out her orders to the core without complains. However, the Princess who all along has been hearing voices stood and walked towards where the sound was coming from. She got to the kitchen and there she met Alimah dishing out commands to the maidens, Meanwhile immediately they spotted her they all bowed to reference her after which they continued with their chores when it was transparent enough that she ignored them. Afterwards she asked Alimah who she was to order the other maids around the place.

“I thought I heard someone giving orders, Am sure it was you (pointing at Alimah). Now tell me… who are you to give orders in this Palace, I want to believe you are a maid just like everyone of them and the last time I checked all maids are equal. So tell me why is yours’ different” The Princess asked offensively.

Alimah was a bit marveled, she gave a light grin and was about to give a response to the Princess’ question when suddenly the Princess moved closer to her and landed her a hard slap on the face. It was a shocker, the maidens were baffled and completely bewildered. They couldn’t believe their eyes, some even left their mouth wide open in amazement. Alimah held her right cheek in her hands as she sobbed with convulsive gasps. She looked dazed and astonished too. As if that wasn’t enough, the Princess continued ranting and yelling on top of her voice and her microphonic voice almost brought down the whole palace. The king who was in his quarters having a word with his son heard the loud banter of words and both of them came rushing downstairs, They were surprised to hear what happened, it sounded unbelievable and almost Immediately the king rebuked the Princess and told her to apologise  at once.


You have been reading Princess Of Gaza, All hell is about to be let loose!

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