A man who you will know but will not be mentioned in this but which the article has made a riddle out of is  the one in focus. Wait for it!
A certain man from the southern part of Ondo state fumbled with certain games and principles and now. his whole
political ambition might be going down the drain as he has mis-calculated the game plans. Don’t ask who he is yet, wait!
History has it that the misfortune befalling him right now has been the measured nemesis he has gathered unconsciously makes the pact for his own fall. No traditional ruler from his town has endorsed him till date and neither has he gone for their blessings. Maybe something tells him he does not need anybody to win the Ondo gubernatorial election.
The joke in his story did not gain much ground until it was realized that the same man charging everyone that he is worth enough to be the governor of the state had no money to purchase the governorship election form and so, ran all the way to Abuja to purchase a form on credit. Hey! stop laughing, We are not close to the laughing part.
Now, Listen to the part where he once said that the sitting governor and himself both contested as chairman in their different local governments, saying he won back then and the now sitting governor lost his own election and so, they
are equals politically. Now, news came in that the one who sold Election form to him on credit has a preferred candidate and decides to dump this man in focus in his desperate days. So, now that he has no one, no delegates, no money and has to pay up a debt, he is out in court to seek justice against who he is owing.
Somebody needs to tell him that this particular election-train just left him at the station. He got the ticket late. Sorry, he did not get the ticket at all! Lol! God bless Ondo state.
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