Tell Them “Discipline Is Not Intelligence”


During the past administration, we all felt the administration lacked discipline but with the happenings of this present administration, we cannot deny that the level of intelligence back then is better than the level of intelligence being put in place right now.

The Goodluck Jonoathan administration was tagged “Administration of corruption” because a lot of money were issued without proper supervision, low reportage of federal government endeavours and opponents ledger hammer that was always ready to pin down all the wrongs in the administration coupled with the crisis in the northern region and the missing Chibok Girls. All the twist and turns helped the masses make up their mind to change the pattern just for trial.

As it is, the Buhari Administration came on board and started sweeping out the corrupt bad eggs. At first, this made us all believe and hope we have all made the right choice to elect a new party with the ‘Change’ mentality and we were all solidly behind the administration to continue but that has not improved our economy and some corrupt leaders has crawled behind the curtain of change. To add to its good works, The Buhari-led administration helped fight down the Boko-Haram sect. with a good measure of experience but that has not reduced the number of the internal displaced people neither has the missing Chibok Girls be found.

From the above reference to experience and occurrence, one can vividly agree that the present administration lacks intelligence to utilize the resources at its disposal in its effective improvement in the productivity of the nation and also a trace of incompetence at the cabinet level. We have few concerns with who was chosen as the Sports Minister, who failed in the first major assignment ascribed to his office, the Minister for Finance who is yet to redeem the outrageous state of the economy or do we begin to question the former governor who performed excellently well in state level but cannot handle the power sector.

We cannot continue to ride in the train of patience and blame on the past that the present administration has lured us to ride in. We need everything to make things work. Talk of intelligence, discipline and competence. The present administration has only come to instill discipline we know how Buhari worked in the past with ‘oPeration sweep the Nation’. He is sweeping again. He needs to bring intelligence into the equation to have a smooth sail in his own time. Believe the truth, The people will turn to the devil they know if the angel they just met is worse. God bless Nigeria!

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