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ONDO: The Traditional Fashion Capital Of The Nigeria

The Ondo people’s traditional clothing is not just an article of clothing but an expression of their identity and cultural heritage and it’s one of the things that make them stand out among other Yoruba towns.

It’s impossible not to get excited about their exceptional ability to wear their clothing with such grandeur and elegance. They infuse style into every aspect of their culture effortlessly, and it’s so fascinating to see how they make their traditional outfits look so chic and sophisticated.

From the youngest to the oldest, every single person in Ondo takes immense pride in their unique fashion sense. Whether it’s a wedding, a naming ceremony, or any other special occasion, the Ondo people always step out stylish when it comes to traditional fashion, and they do it with so much poise and grace.

The traditional clothing worn by the Ondo people during important occasions and festivals is made from three main types of fabric: “Alaari,” “Sanyan,” and “Etu.” These fabrics are handwoven on traditional looms using a combination of cotton and silk threads.

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