Ogbeni La’s Top 10 Quotes

Some months ago, while describing Adedayo OlaOluwa Fisayo aka Ogbeni La as one of the top five Facebook accounts to follow , an ambitious social blog Debonair captured the Afro- wearing, goggled-eye La as someone you expect “the sublime and ridiculous” from. Undone, he was further painted thus, ” unique in eccentricity, his eclecticism is beyond the reach of simpletons. There is morality in his vulgarity. He is a punster. He balances witticism on the head with an accustomed ease…..”

Perhaps no words would do better justice to the self confessed flirt as he celebrates his birthday anniversary today.

At Ekimogun mirror, we join virtual friends and other social media enthusiasts to felicitate with the man who has misplaced his sentiments.

To celebrate him we have compiled 10 of our favourite La’s quotes for the reading pleasure of his numerous fans. It was uneasy fishing these ten from his repertoire of hilarious and sarcastic Facebook posts but we hope you enjoy them. We shall like to have your feedback on your most favorite of the picks.

Happy birthday Ogbeni La. We at Ekimogun Mirror rep you!

1. On What’sApp groups.

“You can measure the true worth of a man’s IQ by his ‘copy and paste’ posts in a What’sApp group.” –    Ogbeni La

On feminism

“Feminist that can not oppose the payment of her bride price, is that one a feminist? ” – Ogbeni La

On tailor and their incessant disappointment.

“A tailor that can not disappoint you is that one a tailor?” – Ogbeni La

On Push-up bras.

“If I find myself in hell and I don’t meet the makers of push-up bras and those girls that patronise them, I’ll lead a protest.” – Ogbeni La

On his love for Guinness stout

“Sometimes I wonder if people that commit suicide know the value of a chilled bottle of Guinness big stout.”- Ogbeni La

On his unbelief about Heaven and Hell fire as a literal place.

“The only heaven I know is when I enter in between the laps of a willing woman”- Ogbeni La

On hunger

“Sometimes you’re worried cos you’re feeling sickly or depressed  whereas all you need is a good meal.” – Ogbeni La

On Relationship tips

” The greatest relationship advice you’d ever get is to know yourself, appreciate your strength, admit your weakness and accept yourself”- Ogbeni La

On Love

“Love is nothing more than an attempt to fill human incompleteness. The urge to dominate and to be dominated.”

On new month messages

“New months make me uncomfortable.  Even the person I’m planning to kill by dusk remembers to send me a felicitous or inspirational text.” – Ogbeni La

Happy birthday Sir!!!

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