Ogbeni La’s Diary: Love and Murder

The most precious thing in life is life itself.  The social media has been awashed with the horrid tale of a woman who allegedly stabbed her spouse to death because she found out he has a kid outside their marriage. Events are not always how they seem and it  only feels wise not be too eager to jump into conclusion. The only problem here is that the most precious thing in life has been lost. Life. Caution has died with it.

Sleep has been elusive. My mind keeps wandering back to the story. I keep trying to fathom what could motivate a woman to snuff life out of her husband? I have not found a moral justification.

Quite predictably,  some people have jumped in defense of the murderer. We can not all be sane. But the faces I’ve observed on this shameful queue is a source of concern. Someone actually admitted she would have done the same thing if she’d laid eyes on her “soon to be ex” six months ago. You may want to take a deep breath. As far as she knows, those running commentary over the incident knows next to nothing what it feels like to be in the position of the woman cheated upon. Sounds logical? Don’t derail, it isn’t!

You know what births such dangerous idea? I shall school you. It begins from feeling incomplete as a being unless you spend the rest of your of your life with a certain person. It is indoctrination that puts such shitty idea in our heads. Nobody completes you, they can only complement you. You don’t have a soulmate. That’s the stuff fairytales are made of. In the real world, anyone can betray you. You don’t pick up a gun to get even as a result. Come to think of it, if someone were your soulmate, should you send them beyond for betrayal? If they were not,  shouldn’t you let them be?

You don’t have to be in the position of that woman before relying on your instincts.  It begins from now. If you don’t have the mentality yet that your happiness is not dependent on the fidelity of anyone, you might be a potential murderer! Being in an inflexible wedlock is not our primary purpose on earth. It is not mine anyway.

I have always campaigned that we have a skewed perception of what Love is as a concept. We paint it with all underserving virtues we can imagine. From my work in progress memoir “I have misplaced my sentiments” I captured Love as ” …nothing more than an attempt to fill our void of human incompleteness. A desire to dominate and be dominated. Nothing more!”.

I don’t know what Love means to you but if it entails murdering a straying spouse or partner in cold blood, you’re nothing but a nutcase!

Ogbeni La

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