Before You Choose Your African Woman

By Adegunloye Kayode

Just like you garnish your noodles with crispies, carrots, peas and several other ingredients just to enrich its taste, So also ladies are meant to spice life up and most especially a man’s life. This is one reason why I cherish African ladies, adding value to a man’s life is one thing they are very good at. I was lying in d comfort of my bed few days ago and then something flashed through my mind and in an instance I chuckled and smiled back at my thought. Well, I am failsafe in my belief that you’ll want to know what I was thinking about that could have prompted my solo smile.

Anyways, allow me start by digressing a bit from the main gist, I do have a couple of friends who are out of the country, this time with reference to my girlfriends who are either studying, working or even doing both. For some of them we still do a bit off chit chats and for the ‘busy’ ones, we’ve fairly gone worlds apart, They say they are in the diaspora but trust me we are all Africans and that is what am driving at. However, let’s delve into the real gist… Am trying to paint my own picture of what a real African lady should look like both the ones at home and those in diaspora. Perhaps the married male kinds wouldn’t see these as a talk-up but for my fellow guys who are still unmarried, this might just be a perfect lecture. Technically many of us would have at one point in time been in a so-called relationship that eventually didn’t work out and then we resume back to our state of ‘singlehood’. The thought of how many kids, what kind of house, where would you like us to base and all those fantasies could only but make me chortle, but then the singular truth is that every man needs a woman to call his own, Even though most guys like me will often say ‘I don’t have time for that jor, Ladies have plenty wahala. Forgetting that the wahala is vice versa (without taking sides). It was in view of these that I decided to conjure out something of  a solace trail, something that could help in your hunt for your missing piece. Below are some bits that could help in finding and knowing a good African woman.

*Life is beautiful , so my question is why won’t you rather go for a beautiful woman? Though beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder and since everything has been created perfectly, then you are left with no choice but to go for a beautiful lady, at least beautiful enough  for you to behold.

*Like it or loathe it, but the truth remains that every man needs a woman who is smarter than himself, Though smartness comes in diverse shades, But be sure to go for a lady who possesses the ability to outsmart you once in a while.

*You wouldn’t want to start a family with a lady who is unkind and boring, Good people are generally kind and as such make their world interesting. The best you can offer yourself is to find a lady  who is not only kind but who has the potentials of making your world a paradise. Next time you see a kind hearted lady, don’t just sit there drooling…Go for her.

*With respect to ladies who get their pay by entertaining guests at club houses and other fun spots, Asides these ones, I belief that women aren’t created to entertain men because if anything at all, It’s doubtlessly the other way round. Moreover that’s not to say having a lively lady is bad because having a lively, cheerful and likable lady around could be a plus and a perfect addition to your home.

*The list would definitely be unreal if I do not mention this, Even a tot knows that love is one of the key ingredients in a relationship if not the paramount one, Never mind if its making the number  5 spot on the list. However, in whatever you are going for, if she doesn’t love you…Please cut the crap.

*In my little travel around life, I mean ‘Life’, I have come to discover that Guts, Temerity, Boldness and Stubbornness are meant to be a man’s attribute that could be needed at some point in our masculine life. Am not sure a woman really needs most of these except for maybe some boldness and guts, Asides these few ones, never settle for a stubborn lady. I mean “stubborn” because you really do not need her.

*I met a lady on one of my travels, She was a typical example of what a real African lady should be. She is gorgeous, elegant, outspoken, lovable, intelligent , smart but above all being with her feels like home, We were barely hours into each other and i felt like have known her for years. If you find a lady like this…Then trust me you’ve found nothing but a plus.

*This might not go down well with too many people, Apologies to anyone offended, no offence meant nonetheless. A man needs a woman who would stand by his side whenever he is down. However for a lady to be strong doesn’t necessitate loosing the feminine look, A lady can be strong and still retain that womanly look, strength should be intrinsic not otherwise. No real man wants a man for a wife after all.

*And this one… it’s very important, I really do not care what happens, but whatever transpires. Just ensure that you do not settle for a lady who isn’t proud to have you.

*Am not sure if am supposed to say this, It’s just that I can’t just imagine me concluding this write-up without including this last one. I want to agree that a well cultured African lady shouldn’t engage in it anyway, but in a case where morality is thrown into the wind, Never ever stick with a lady who cheats, I see it as something more like an inclination even though I stand to be corrected but if I am correct, Then any lady who cheats is more than likely to do it over and over again. Steer clear off them.


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