Ogbeni La’s Diary: Never Late


Sometimes, we are unhappy with ourselves because we haven’t really put ourselves out to fulfil certain potentials in us that we have discovered. I know that feeling. I have lived with that feeling. It is a worse feeling than when we haven’t discovered the potentials at all.  Not discovering one’s potentials or talents is a state of ignorance. It is bliss. But discovering it and yet persist in unfulfilling it is frustrating.

Listen. The chances of finding what we’re not looking for is nil. For as many of us fortunate to have identified our strength, our potentials, our gifts, our talents, right now is the time. Our period of lying fallow is over. A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. Today,  I challenge us to take a bold step in the direction of our potentials.  If you love writing, you won’t wake up and write a book. No. You must have started writing bits and pieces. Have you begun already? To write a book, you must write a chapter, to write a chapter, a paragraph, to write a paragraph, a sentence, to write a sentence, some words. Big things start small.

The choice is always yours. And the world is always waiting to be taken. Begin something tailored towards your potentials now. Few endeavours are more rewarding and none is more fulfilling.

Ogbeni La

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