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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 5


After staring into the space for few seconds she gave a reply to his father’s question. “Thank you father, I quite understand where you are coming from and I believe I have heard something of such beforehand, However, I am sorry to disappoint this sitting because for me I do not have a fiance and I do not intend to have one for now. Come to think of it, what’s the point in rushing into the arms of some random man who would choose to order me around, Toss me around the house all in the name of matrimony. Well as a matter of reality, I haven’t found any man in this Kingdom and neither have I found anybody in the neighboring kingdoms. Meanwhile I would like to suggest that you proceed with your traditional rites because you people might be waiting till eternity If you keep waiting for me to get married”
She said rudely as she calmly modified her long sari which was flowing on the well tiled floor. However, the king knew too well to pacify her or else talking Princess Cara into getting a man won’t materialise. So the King practically persuaded her and disabuse her mind from the thought of being ordered around by any man.
“My daughter, you should know that I want nothing but the best for you. You see, one of the essence of marrying a royal man is because of his understanding that a princess must be adored and pampered, A prince knows what royalty entails and as such would know how to treat a princess right. My dear, read my lips…No man would ever maltreat you as long as I live. Furthermore, my friend King Zaki of ‘Suez land’ has informed me of his son’s interest in having you as his wife which I believe should be a welcomed idea considering the long standing ties between us both. His son Hosni is equally a responsible and charming young man. Or what do you think about what I’ve said” the King asked ironically reffering to his chiefs.  They nodded in unison attesting to what the King had said.
After all said and done the princess asked to be allowed to retire to her chamber, her request was then granted and she stood up gallantly, knelt before her father as a show of regard before she finally exited the King’s hall. Meanwhile as she was leaving, the king told her to be prepared to receive prince Hosni any soon.  She concurred from a distance as she stormed out of the hall.
In the meantime the news of her official introduction to Prince Hosni spread like wide fire across the whole town and even the surrounding towns and hamlets. The Introduction and supposed engagement became the talk of the town especially among the young chaps in the town, Most times they were seen collecting up each other forming cliches to discuss and gist about the Princess’ introduction. While some believe the proposed spouse is making the biggest mistake of his life some other quarters feel Prince Hosni is the ideal man to curb Cara’s excesses, Even though the princess was yet to make glaring her interest in the Prince whom she was yet to meet, That didn’t stop the Palace staffs and maids from preparing for the Prince’s visit which was billed to be in a fortnight from then.
One day, the maids were in their quarters betalking about Princess Cara’s proposed introduction. It was evident that they were all deriving pleasure as they were all engrossed in the gist. However after so much talk and gist, Gina who is the princess’ most trusted maid definitively  succeeded in raising controversy just when they all thought they were done gisting.
“Ladies, I was just thinking…We all know Princess Cara and the proposed Prince haven’t met each other before, now what if they get to meet officially when the Prince comes visiting and he ends up not liking the princess? She asked with obvious snarks, afterwards there were murmurings from some of the maids after which everyone suddenly went mute. Gina however craved for a response as she persistently fixed her gaze on everyone of them.
You have been reading ‘Princess Of Gaza’…Is Gina getting more for her troubles?…Episode 6 is next!
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