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Governor Mimiko wants voters registration extended

Governor Mimiko begs INEC
Ondo State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko has expressed his desire to have the voter’s registration exercise extended to avoid eligible voters being disenfranchised.

His Excellency made a passionate appeal to the Independent National Electoral Commission during his tour of Ondo Town on Sunday to observe the registration process.

In an exclusive interview with him, he pointed out that the inability to let qualified voters registered would make a mockery of INEC’s goals.

“The report I have is that the turnout has been good but the anxiety now is whether there would be enough time to register those who have not registered,” governor Mimiko told Ekimogunmirror.

“We will continue to appeal to INEC to consider extending the period of registration exercise, and from the number of people I see on queue, I don’t see how the registration can be completed today.

“Letters have been written to INEC, and we will keep talking to them and see if they will get this exercise extended. But I feel it’s the same thing everywhere.


“The implication is that people who ought to vote would have been disenfranchised. If it is the goal of INEC is to let those who are qualified vote, then they should think of what to do.

“I know that the REC and the officials are going round and I think after that, they should be able to give a very objective assessment and appropriate report to INEC in Abuja. But the fact remains that the overwhelming desire of the people is that this process should be extended.

“For me, it’s also a reflection of the confidence people have in our democracy because it is a choice of people coming out or not. The fact that people are enthusiastic about registration is a justification in the confidence people have in our democracy and I think INEC will want to that into consideration to see that the people are not disenfranchised through their inability to register,” he concluded.



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