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Exclusive : UNIMED’s Students Matriculation After-party

  • By Ogunmokun Seyitan

A great way to celebrate the writing of our names on the rocks of time, my shoes sky high tall (Alright, not so sky high but pretty tall), my face beat beyond doubt I turned up at the hall where the party was held. There were as many as 100 people present.

The party was celebrated at the NIEPA mini hall at Laje road, Ondo town. On getting there I went straight to the food table (I know what you’re thinking and yes, yes I’m a foodie). It was a buffet service people! But more than anything I didn’t want to be caught eating so much so I quickly took my seat and acted all innocent.

Knowing that nothing would have been possible without the one who holds the universe in his hands, the party started with an opening prayer. Thank God this was not the kind that’d tire you before the main show! Everything else went uphill from there. We were blessed with special comedic personalities like MC Archbishop, whom I personally couldn’t get enough of and MC Timmy my personal Lagos brother.

The peak of my excitement came during the talent showcase. Ladies and Gentlemen, the most revolutionary magician, Mastermind (my very personal friend) left us speechless. I for one am not usually fascinated by anything that isn’t pretty or edible (I know, I know, I’m a freaking foodie!) but this was on another level. I was so wow-ed that I cannot even give you a description of the trick ‘cause I’d confuse you beyond reasonable doubt. Then came this pretty lady to own the stage with her talking drum (another one of my very personal friends).

Every single soul in attendance that night had to honour her and all the other talented students for their undying determination and confidence to give us a show of the stuff they’ve got.

The party ended officially by 10pm, but all thanks to Mr. Walter we got an additional 30 minutes to flex our joints and muscles to the blazing rhythms of DJ Lakers. My favourite spot all night was right beside the DJ as I did get to spin the wheel a few times (in my head at least, lol). That was also a very exciting part of the celebration. Then after a few minutes we left the party to retire in out bedrooms without pension

See exclusive pictures below:

DSC_7456 DSC_7476 DSC_7493 DSC_7481 DSC_7479 DSC_7455  DSC_7487 DSC_7459 DSC_7424 DSC_7451 DSC_7467 DSC_7430  IMG-20160318-WA002 IMG-20160318-WA004


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