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Photos: EkimogunMirror Clean Ondo Project

As part of our 1st year anniversary, In conjunction with Green Initiative we decided to give back to the society in our own little way by opting to paint and beautify one of the Orphanage homes in Ondo city and also in addendum a round the city sanitation was done which was tagged ‘Clean Ondo’.

If the painting and drawing done at  Christ Orphanage home was laudable, the Clean Ondo flag off was even more commendable.

The cleaning process which experienced a remarkable turnout was really well timed, no thanks in small part to the fact that several locations in the town have been perceived to be too unkept and rather appalling which obviously is an eye sore.

It is however in the wake of this that the team in collaboration with Green Initiative which is another body that has to do with the environmental and climatic state felt there is the need to mobilize people who are willing to do the cleaning up of the surroundings notably the popular Ife garage which happens to be the centroid of the town.

Notable figures in the community joined in the Clean Up exercise. Hon Abiola Makinde, a succesful business mogul, Hon. Akinbote Daves, DJ Lakers, several brilliant minds, doctorate and masters degree holders were present during this impactful excercise.

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