Millennium Generation Manifesto

You can either hate us or embrace us
We won’t stop breaking the rules you gave us
You said my generation is lazy and hasty
You said we are speedy and breezy
But we know that change can only come by being crazy

I represent the millennial generation today
And there are few things I would like to say
We are the generation that will shut down Tribune, Punch or Daily Sun
Because our news feed are from twitter, Facebook and so on
So don’t tell us that the little device in our pocket takes us away from reality
As a matter fact, that is where the new reality resides

You said we don’t patronise the library
But i would say that the library don’t patronise us
You want us to read your books without reading us
You don’t care about where we live before selling to us

We are no longer citizens
We have found a new planet called internet, so feel free to call us netizens
Have you ever wondered why we are not interested in voting?
It is constitutionally incorrect for aliens to vote for humans
In our world, we only click like to vote for our heroes in either star trek or project fame
So we don’t understand the process of queuing in the sun using our thumb with some sort of ink
So if you really want us to be a part of politics,then find the missing link

You told us to study hard for a good grade
So as to increase our chances of winning the rat race
The obedient ones earned a honest living
But the rebellious ones ended up living honestly

My generation do not study for a certificate
My generation study for love and knowledge to get sensificate
My generation might not pass a strict examination
But we can create an application that will change the worlds orientation and direction

Don’t fight or hate us
The world you met is no longer the world you are living in
So guide us and not criticise us
Make us and not break us
Because no matter how hard you try,you might not be able to stop us

Olayinka Ojo is the founder of Purpose Driven Poets and the Olayinka Ojo Photography Studio and Academy


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