LABYRINTH (…a Nigerian Kaleidoscope)

She began in 1960 as a freed nation,

after emerging from colonisation.

All over the land,erupted great jubilation,

several clans united under one dispensation.


Civil strife struck…coup and war of attrition-

here now comes rule without constitution.

She has gone through many a new edition,

with several attempts at democratisation:

wasting national resources for election.


Still, democracy always suffer termination-

khaki boys trooped out with a notion;

“we’re the Messiah of a new generation”

She has lost her sense of direction-

trapped in a whirlwind, we move in a gyration.


Always back to the scratch without motion,

like a roller coaster, in an unending tribulation.

Old politicians refuse to go out of circulation-

bad wine coming as a new concoction.


She has arrived at a cross road junction,

democracy, rule of law and fair wealth distribution-

shall lead us to our destination, but corruption, wars and ethnic polarisation-

derail our journey creating confusion;

heading towards anarchy and rebellion.


(C) ‘Shina Oludare

August 17, 2006.

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