I will have at least two songs out by the end of March- Yemi Blaq


Ondo born Nollywood Actor, Yemi Blaq had an interview with EkimogunMirror’s Bolaji Daramola and Akindeko Olusola. In this interview he talked about his music career, rising to stardom, dealing with his famous status and host of other issues. Read the excerpt.

Can you give us a summary of you?

My name is Yemi Blaq, an actor, writer, singer, rapper and entrepreneur and a soon to be mega philanthropist. I am from Ondo town; a family of seven, four siblings and two parents so am counting everyone that’s seven of us.

Going down memory lane when did you start acting?

It started when I was very little. I discovered my acting talent at about 1985 when I was still in the primary school at Adeyemi Primary School, Ondo. There were some people leaving the school and they asked us to coordinate a play for them The Incorruptible Judge. Afterwards, in my secondary school around 1989 at St. Joseph’s College, Ondo I was part of the delegation  to Ilorin, Kwara State to represent Ondo state in Arts.

Rising to stardom in Nollywood might be quite challenging, what were your challenges?

There are always challenges along the line you, there would be times you doubt yourself. One of the biggest challenges you can ever face is the man within. You have to find a way to conquer yourself that’s to find a way to overcome that fear. Sometimes your pose questions; can I handle this? When I got to Lagos so many things came up, it was very hard surviving wasn’t even convenient but at the end of the day it wasn’t even about being convenient but about finding a responsibility to get into a frame of mind where you realise the goals ahead of you. It is all about the end result no matter what is thrown at you ‘eni ba maa je oyin inu apata ko ni wo enu aake’.


As a soon to be mega philanthropist what do you have in your mind?

A lot, I believe in the fact that every being is placed on earth for a certain reason and sometimes more other reasons. If you are chanced to be empowered to a certain extent or you are blessed to a certain extent you need to learn that it’s not a blessing meant for you to sit on. It is a blessing to disseminate throughout humanity, from those that you help, you helping yourself and humanity positively because at the end of the day the measure of a man is what he leaves behind. I am trying as much as possible in giving back to my society, am from Ondo town, ultimately am starting from Ondo town and later spread to other parts of Ondo state.

Who is your role model?

Role model is one of the things I don’t like to talk about a lot, when you say some things people don’t understand it. They think you are trying to be arrogant or self absolved. I never had a role model especially in acting. I just thought to myself this is what I want to do and am going all out for it. I was looking out to groom myself and grow myself to a level where I would be role model to other people. I was looking to Jesus the author and finisher of my faith.

Younger ones do see you on screen and aspire to be like you. What is your word of encouragement for them?

Talent is not limited to a certain zone; talent is something that is spread throughout humanity. God gives talent and which is not limited to certain people. There are people who have risen from the most obscure parts of the earth and they became the greatest in their fields. Saw a movie about Dr. Benedict Amalo. He is an Igbo man, a Nigerian who went to the US and got great revelation for his work in medicine. Every person need to relax first of all and go within themselves to recognize the talent God has given to them and they owe it to themselves as a responsibility to grow that talent, groom it and show it to the world. There is a song we met on the lips of our fathers ‘mase ri talenti re mole arakunrin, oluwa yo bere lowo re ohun to fi se’. They should look inward, discover the talent and show it to the world. It doesn’t matter where you from you can become the king of the world. You can come from Gboluji, Ore, Tekunle or Liparaga, at end of the day you can be the best of who you are.


Tell us about your music career and what you have in stock for the world this year?

Have written a lot of songs but I haven’t published any of it yet. I started writing songs a long time ago. One of the first thing to do as an artiste is to publish and promote my music. I got much into acting, definitely before the end of the first quarter of this year at least two songs will be out. I won’t let the cat out of the bag now.

How have you been able to deal with the demand of being famous?

Management is not something I know about it something you grow into gradually overtime. Have been doing this professionally over 10-12 years. For me it’s just something you go about and people just recognise you. It doesn’t mean that you are special in anyway just that you are in front of the camera. If you place a he goat in front of the camera overtime it becomes famous. The most important thing is to look inside of you, realise that you have a gift and God is giving you a chance to show it to the world. You should be grateful for that; there is no need to be arrogant.

Your craziest moment with your fans?

There is always a lot of tension for anyone in the media and there are lots of people who go to different extents. The most famous of my encounters was in Abuja, I was in a hotel and a lady came to the door of my room absolutely naked. I didn’t know what her intentions were; luckily there was a guy in the room so I asked him to handle the situation. There are events like that but can’t be rude to people because you can be nice to hundred people and people won’t hear about it. The moment you are rude to one person the news headlines would be oh “Yemi Blaq shouted at one person”, “Yemi Blaq slapped one person”. If you work in the media you realise that ‘eniyan laso mi’. You have to treat your folks well.



Is there any plan for politics like some of your colleagues in Nollywood?

Anything is possible, you know how life is, never say never. Am not a political human being but I believe in service to humanity and if someday I get a call from my people that I should run in any capacity who am I to say no.

Message for your fans and the Ekimogun youths.

Thank you very much I really appreciate you for being there all these years. I appreciate everything you have done watching my movies. I pray the Almighty will support you and this year is going to be great because a lot is going to happen.  I will need more of your support.

For Ekimogun youths, we are the best that’s the truth. We are blessed with great heritage, great individuals who have contributed immensely to arts, science, humanity and the world at large. Remember your past; it is really important to the future. Go for drive, diligent in whatever you do and maintain the pride of our forefathers.

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