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Governor Aiyedatiwa’s Impactful 75 Days in Office

Ondo Governor, Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa announced his intention to seek the nomination of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during a meeting with party leaders on Tuesday, which unexpectedly transformed into a rally due to widespread support from the populace.

In his 75 days in office, the Governor has embarked on a vigorous drive towards development, laying a solid foundation for the state’s progress. Since his inauguration on December 27, 2023, Governor Aiyedatiwa has demonstrated relentless dedication to governance, addressing pressing challenges and advancing the welfare of citizens.

The Governor wasted no time in setting his administration in motion, swiftly signing the 2024 budget into law. Prioritizing infrastructure development and the well-being of workers, Governor Aiyedatiwa’s administration has focused on ensuring timely payment of salaries, pension dues, and gratuities.

Notably, workers now receive their salaries punctually, with additional monthly palliatives of N35,000 for employees and N10,000 for pensioners. Also, approximately N2 billion has been disbursed in gratuity payments to retired workers.

Governor Aiyedatiwa cleared the January 2017 salary arrears within his first month in office and settled three months’ salary arrears for the staff of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo in March. He also allocated N850 million to the institution to improve its operations.

To combat unemployment, Governor Aiyedatiwa’s administration has initiated recruitment drives across various sectors. Recently, 165 staff members were recruited by the Ondo State Internal Revenue Service (ODIRS), while 100 health workers were employed through the Civil Service Commission. Plans are also underway to recruit an additional 600 health workers and numerous teachers for public schools.

In infrastructure development, Governor Aiyedatiwa directed contractors to resume work on road projects across the state, resulting in steady progress on endeavors such as the dualization of Oda and Ijoka roads, as well as the construction of the Irese/Shagari Flyover in Akure.

The Governor also approved the rehabilitation of 60km of selected roads and initiated the construction of rural roads across the state, symbolizing a commitment to enhancing connectivity and accessibility.

In his efforts to restore Akure’s cleanliness, Governor Aiyedatiwa launched the Operation Keep Ondo Clean initiative, which has yielded significant improvements in waste management. Plans are also underway to prevent flooding through the rebranding of the Operation Flush initiative.

Governor Aiyedatiwa’s inclusive governance approach is evident in his engagement with various stakeholders, including traditional and religious leaders, labor unions, market associations, and youth leaders. This collaborative effort ensures that diverse perspectives are considered in decision-making processes.

Despite facing political attacks and misinformation, Governor Aiyedatiwa remains resolute in his commitment to serving the people of Ondo State. His tireless work ethic and unwavering focus on development have solidified his position as a capable leader prepared to navigate the challenges ahead.

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