Ekimogun Gala Night – Live Update


We are officially signing off on our live coverage of the Ekimogun Gala Night. Thank you for staying with us this far. This is your anchorman Foluso Adegalu and my wonderful team Bankole Walter and Olamide Dupe Nifemi signing offfffffffff


One for the team!!!!!Ekimogunmirror team also shared in the spoils of the gala night…Dupe, Foluso and Bankole…Ondo and Faaaaaaaajiiiiiii


selfieee timeeeee


Ladies and Gentlemen, KSA has finally emptied our purse and we are done and dusted


KSA has entertained us for almost two hours  and the Civic Center is now close to empty


KSA still thrilling us…”kiku ma pota e kole riran wo, nisoju ota e, da e lola”


Honourable Akinboboye doing the spending at the moment


KSA still keeping the crowd going…errm if am mistyping at this stage, don’t blame me, blame KSA. My hands are dancing to the rhythm of the song


The Special Guest of Honour Erelu Adams accompanied by her husband Gani Adams (OPC Chairman) take their bow off the Civic Centre. Can’t blame them though..better run fast from KSA before he drains your purse….lol



Olori Anike and friends


Of course, lawyers are spenders..the legal profession doesn’t encourage stinginess, it frowns at it. Barrister Tunde repping the legal profession..”akoni niwaju adajo…barrister lawyer”


KSA will eulogise you, get your head swelled up and empty your purse…in fotospirit’s words…”it’s as simple as ABCD”..lol


Erelu Adams really doing the spraying here …”Gani! Gani! Gani..Adams”..


KSA mesmerizing the audience and getting paid for it…some breathtaking  money spraying going on for the juju icon…Acme Nelson Osungbero, Florry mummy,Erelu Adams, Mrs Nike Popoola, Mrs Mimiko and the list goes on…..owo tabua


Acme Nelson Osungbemiro doing the spending at the moment…”Nelson alowo ma fi she gberaga”


Live entertainment from KSA


The special guest of the occasion Erelu Mojisola Adams on her part donated the sum of N1, 800, 000


The total amount from the chairperson of the occasion after a summation of the amount used to support her is N2, 000, 000.00


The executive governor is supporting her with the sum of N100,ooo.00. A host of other dignitaries have also supported her with varying sum of money. we will bring you the total as soon as we get the details



Another section of the audience


The chairperson is donating the sum of N500, 000.00


Address by the chairperson of the Gala Night Mrs Nike Popoola..she said she is happy for being made the chairperson


The high table dance is over and the dignitaries are back to the high table



The chairperson of the Gala Night, Honourable Akinlaja MHR and friends (from left to right)



ACMEKunle Erikson Akinnagbe, Mrs Akinnagbe, ACME Nelson Osungbemiro and Mrs Osungbemiro



Rt Hon Emiola Dare and Chief Rasaq Akinyosoye



A cross section of the audience



Olori Anike Adesanoye and Mrs Nike Popoola


Our official photographer for tonight is Benson Multimedia.


KSA still thrilling the crowd with some lovely songs…Ondo peeps can dance sha…”mo sheshe bere aye jije ni”


ACME Nelson Osungbemiro and his wife


It is not just the members of the high table that are feeling the groove…the crowd are on their feets….”mo ma le se bayi dola tori Ondo ti di city…..Ondo City..Mimiko sha ma wo won oooo….e ba mi toju mimiko mi…segun shege”. Some of the lyrics of the live performance of KSA for your enjoyment fellas


Opening dance by the governor and members of the high table..Live performance for them by the legendary juju maestro King Sunny Ade


MC Arkbishop got the crowd fooled by a 2014 Toyota Camry car given to him by the governor. Apparently it happened in his dreams…..lol. Ladies and gentlemen, your event is incomplete if Arkbishop is missing. This dude has got people laughing real hard, even the Executive Governor of Ondo State is having a good time right now courtesy the young man


The presence of the Governor is also met with a rendition of the Nigerian National anthem. The Governor is accompanied by her wife Mrs Oluwakemi Mimiko. Incase you don’t know, the governor and his wife are indigenes of Ondo town…they are Ekimoguans


Alright fellas, we now have in our midst the number one citizen of Ondo State, His Excellency the Governor of Ondo State Dr Olusegun Mimiko…the crowd acknowledged his arrival with an uproar of “iroko” as well as a short rendition of ‘arise and shine Dr Mimiko”

1:13 am

our host for today is the popular MC of Ondo City..the one and only MC Arkbishop..Oluomo of Ondo City who has been doing us proud far and near. He is a well renown MC whose abilities with the M!I!C is beyond dispute


Chairperson of the Occassion..Mrs Nike Popoola


welcome speech by Engineer Raymond Akinyele



ACME Nelson Osungbemiro and Abiola Makinde (the past chairman of Ondo West Local Government)


The ACME Club is officially recognised and ACME Nelson Osungbemiro and his wife have been invited to the High table…I really have to join this club


Chief Mrs Nike Popoola is the chairperson of the gala night

Erelu Mojisola Adams, the wife of the OPC Chairman Gani Adams is on the high table

Honourable Akinlaja….Memeber House of Representatives is also on the high table

Also on the high table is Olori Anike Adesanoye


Distinguished ladies and Gentlemen, we are officially kicking off the Gala Night as important dignitaries are now invited to the high table


Am sure you all know but just for the records, the Legendary KSA is an Ekimoguan.  KSA otherwise known as the minister of enjoyment is a son of Ondo Kingdom. King Sunny Ade and The African Beats tour with the typically large African line-up of 20-30 members. They play a spacey, jamming sort of Juju, characterized by tight vocal harmonies, intricate guitar work, backed by traditional talking drums, percussion instruments, and even adding the unusual pedal steel guitar and accordian….We will have the rare privilege of witnessing a live performance from the juju legend himself…OMG…isn’t that simply wowwwww…..”won ti lekun momo nile, loju e won tileku momo nile”


King Sunny Ade


The Crowd is gradually settling in and we are listening to some recorded songs of the legendary King Sunny Ade at the background…I must say the timing of the event is not top notch though


The Ekimogun Gala Night is the final event that rounds up the activities marking the Ekimogun week; it is an event that is attended by the creme de la creme of Ondo City. After a successful transformation of Ondo Town to a city yesterday, we are now at the Ondo Civic Center to enjoy ourselves; the Ondo People are reputed for “faaji” and am sure we won’t be disappointed this morning. You can’t make it to the civic center???Never mind as we are here to keep you up to date with activities at the civic centre….you can also enjoy your asun right here…lol


12:05 am

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen…welcome to our live coverage of the Ekimogun Gala Night. Am your anchorman Foluso Adegalu and I have my teammate Bankole Walter who has got my back on this.

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