A receiver never does so well as much as a giver and the reason is because a receiver has no choice or say in what is to be received either it falls short of expectation or not, all you have is expectation but a giver on the other hand has every power to decide on what to give and this equation works everywhere in every facet of life including the government.

If the government is not doing enough for us as citizens, we can only complain and its response will be that it cannot give what it does not have. It is in the power of the government to supply our needs or withhold the resources of supply and we will not be able to explain why they chose to do what they did. For instance, can we explain why the budget has not been signed?, can we explain why the price of fuel is still high? we can have the statistics but it does not change who has the choice over the situation. And so, the need arises that we change the equation, it is time the government also seek our help in some areas.

Contributing to ones nation starts from the little pray you say in your house before stepping out for the day, cleaning of your environment, paying your tax and living the right way to promote the image of the country. The power was always to belong to the poeple, but not everyone understands that. How many times have you stood up for your right as a citizen of Nigerian? Does the police stop you on the road and you have to give them money because your particulars are not complete and you are scared to face the consequences of your wrongs and you decided to bribe the law and daily create a loop hole for the country? or you do what you are suppose to do and provide those particulars and move around like a free citizen that you are? Are you a building contractor who supplies shortage in material to huddle more profit rather than live for integrity and you think of it as smartness on your part?

Nigerians knows what is wrong and they are quick to justifying it. Why is the price of pure water still high even after the rise of the US Dollar has declined for weeks now? It shows that, people doing the pure water business are acting like they have no idea the price has to go down now, everybody is after the profit and we only have the president and his cabinet to blame when we as citizens are making life harder among ourselves. The same question goes for the fuel price. Everything expensive in the market today has the rise in the US Dollar to and the Nigerian government to blame for the increase in price of everything and now that the rise has declined the market price has refused to decline.

Some fuel stations sell the fuel at normal price of 87 Naira and Taxis buy at this normal price (some of them), but go around town to make more profit off the same people that has not been paid salary for 4 to 5 months now and the taxi drivers tag themselves as smart, going about exploiting people and saying the ones on the top are stealing the people’s fund at will and will not be a fool not to find his way around how to survive.

To contribute to ones nation, conscience and will for integrity has a role to play. If the ones at the top is making it hard, we as citizens are making it harder. Learn to contribute to your nation the best way you can. Do your job the right way because people’s lives are tied to it and the lesser time you give to your job the more time people waiting for the result waste. Nigerians has a whole needs to kill the idea of self to build anything and it is expected that in all the present administration’s campaign for a better life, contributing to ones nation should be included.

God bless Nigeria.

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