The new signed budget that the APC government has tagged as ‘The Clear Copy’ signed on the 6th of May, 2016 is the evolution of what Nigerians cannot handle if they are told the meaning in clear English Language.

After dressing and re-dressing of the budget for months now, there are certain things in the budget according to the strategic implementation action earlier made known by Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo of things to expect in the budget.

The President’s Strategic Implementation plan for 2016 budget of 6thematic strategies and 33 priority Actions mentioned the plan to imbibe lasting changes in the policies, national security and governance and this means by achieving an appropriate Foreign Exchange regime. It has started with trading in China currency. A president wants to totally change the trading plan the country has traded with even before it gained freedom, in one year so as to make the Dollar value drop in the country, but what is not put into consideration is those that daily trade in Dollar currency will also hold on to the circulation of the same currency which means we will trade in one both currency and still have high cost of living.

The second concern is the issue of agriculture. Part of the President’s implementation is to fast track the economy through industrialization, Agriculture and Agro-Allied processing. It states that; Nigeria is expected to become net exporters of Rice by 2018, Wheat 2019 and the most interesting one Tomato paste in 2016, even at home right now, only the rich can buy tomatoes in the market. A 50 Naira tomato is an apology. We don’t have enough to eat and we are expected to supply another country this same year? Ok o!

Another strategy is for us to understand why our tariffs will be high under this current administration. The President intends to prioritize  critical infrastructure, focused on increasing investment in power, rail and roads etc. By ensuring tariff includes ALL costs of transmission, generation and gas at NEW PRICE and distribution company costs required to operate, maintain and upgrade distribution network. In simple English Language, your NEPA bill will go up! Honourable Fashola Minister for Power has told Power distribution companies to start sourcing for fund. Expect the new bill people!

One of the strategic implementation states that the present administration wants to make it easy to do business in Nigeria for anybody by implementing fast track measures to implement business approvals, acquisition of land titles and so on without talking about how to curb the corruption bugs in the civil service that seem to be militating against the good works of the government.

Let us all sit back and relax as we go on this joy ride of 4 years or more. Hold yourself tight, this ride seems unpredictable also. After all we have been thru some in the past. With hope and prayer it will end well. Go Nigeria!

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