Some things are beyond explanation.

I don’t take pictures often, but my romance with camera gurus in the wake of EkimogunMirror in the last couple of weeks made it compulsory for me to smile waiting for the camera flash. The same thing goes for playing music on my phone. My music library is always under ten songs.

There is this song I heard boys listening to around 1:45 am during our coverage of Ondo city on New Year Eve. Their gathering was synonymous to the Kegities Club gyration. We got interested so we moved closer they were listening to this song repeatedly, dancing and sweating profusely. The title of the song is 150 Years by Naija Beatles.

I couldn’t join in the groove due to other places we wanted to cover for the evening. One of the guys persuaded me to have the song on my phone. Reluctantly, I brought out my phone and switched on my bluetooth, the transfer was swift just like a 1min nigga.

When I was putting up the report, I saw the pictures of the guys jamming the song the previous night. Then I decided to play it, I had it on repeat till it drained my battery.  I transferred it to some friends who had same testimony as mine.

So I am posting it for our teeming followers to enjoy this jam. Hopefully it will bless lives.

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I thought the part 1 was enough until I heard another version of the song played by the DJ at my friend’s party yesterday – a party that we didn’t know what he was celebrating but trust Ondo boys to turn up when beckoned on.

This Part 2 is doper and I quickly got near the DJ with my USB cable. There was an insight to my mystery, the lead singer’s voice sounds like that of Anticankerworm a revered music producer in Ondo city. Was thinking I will see him in church to inquire about the song because he actually made the beat but it was a busy annual thanksgiving service today. Every one was in a rush to leave due to the lengthy duration of the service.

I promised to reach him to know who is behind the song and get back to you as soon as I have the details. Don’t hesitate to download this part 2.

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