Re: Linda Ikeji “Ki ni Big Deal”

Hon Olubodun Tayo Marcus, one of Governor Mimiko’s aides, shared his pictures on his personal Facebook page and it has got everyone talking. Thanks to various online blogs who were doing their professional jobs by giving the pictures a massive boost with over 3 million views worldwide.

EkimogunMirror as an indigenous blog understands the leading role of Hon. Marcus amongst the youths in Ondo City. Honourable Marcus is typically known as S.A street (Igboro), in his normal way, galvanizing the youths, putting everyone together and mobilizing as many youths was in the company of friends doing what the law permits .…. “Kini Big Deal” as Linda Ikeji succinctly puts, we believe it is part of his job to associate with friends and get everyone on his boss’ page. In all fairness #KoSiBigDeal

IMG-20160810-WA0017 (3)

What actually caught our fancy is the choice of his drink, Trophy Premium Lager Beer.  This is a brand that enjoys massive consumption in Ondo city. ‘Trophy” being the brand for Honourables was brandished in the pictures shared as it was a party exclusive to Trophy. This has actually even boosted the stock of the brand as people who saw the pictures knew there must  be so much uniqueness about the brand for a Public figure in the caliber of Honourable Marcus to proudly associate with it. Hon. Tayo Marcus must be commended for patronizing indigenous products, in the wake of the Federal Government’s campaign “Grow The Naira”

Speaking with various youths in Ondo city about the pictures that went viral, EkimogunMirror understands that even prior to the birthday; Hon. Olubodun has constantly associated with the Trophy brand. EkimogunMirror gathered that he organized the maiden edition of Ekimogun Youth Carnival in 2013, which gave Trophy Premium Lager Beer the major breakthrough in Ondo city market as a major sponsor of that event.

Youths in Ondo city have actually conferred him with the “Trophy Ambassador” title, perhaps it is time for International Breweries to make it official.


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