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Princess Of Gaza – Episode 1


Series by: Adegunloye Kayode

Royalty is a prestigious thing in several parts of the world if not in all parts, There is no mincing of words about that fact. However, Egypt isn’t left out of the royal trend too. It’s just one of the many Countries on the Continent of Africa, albeit it’s  on the Northern axis of the Continent  and It’s  equally one of the African Countries with lots of Traditions, Doctrines and Norms that would catch anyone’s fancy.

In this Country is a rich and famous town called Gaza, A town with a powerful King and of course a ‘Powerful’ daughter named Cara. Princess Cara is the only daughter of King Hossam Mido who happens to be a first class potentate and the Paramount ruler of Gaza land. This big town is blessed with a large body of land and several resources making them arguably the richest town in the whole of Egypt. King Mido on his own is well respected and utmostly recognized as one of the strong pillars holding the entirety of Egypt both Traditionally and Politically. The High and mighty in the entire Clans hold him in high esteem so  much that some small hamlets come to pay homage and revenue to his Kingdom annually. He is blessed with so much riches, power and lots of loyalists who follow him like a Spaniel. In short, King Mido is the real definition of Royalty.

Obligatorily, His only daughter Cara is loved and cared for by all and sundry, She is believed to be the shining light of the whole Kingdom and so she is greatly treasured. She is a beautiful young Lady in her mid 20s, Fair in complexion, gorgeous, Elegant, outspoken, intelligent, Just to highlight but a few. She is another sweet form of authority and Weal. Over the years suitors have emerged from foreign and neighboring towns all in a bid to seek her hand in matrimony. However, She literally turned everyone of them down even raining insults on the persistent ones.  Beautiful  Princess Cara is without doubt the toast of everyone but one detestable character of hers’ is that she is a very rude, Discourteous  and proud young lady. She talks to her maids and guards however she so desires and would go as far as starving anyone who flouts her orders. She is one heck of a Princess and so no one in the Palace or even in the entire Kingdom wants to be in her bad books. The fear of princess Cara indeed is the beginning of wisdom, At least as far as Gaza is concerned.

The King’s love for his daughter knows no bounds, He would literally go all out of his way to  make Cara happy regardless of whatever it would cost him. One fateful day, a rather awkward event  happened in the Palace. Well maybe not that awkward because in truth it’s really not the first time the Palace is witnessing such event picturesque. Princess Cara was just outside her chambers where she was cooling off with the calm evening breeze which felt so natural and pleasing. And as usual, she was in company of her maids who were busy tending to her in one way or the other. Her eldest and most trusted maid Gina is the one primed with the responsibility  of dishing her meals or anything that has to do with the Princess’ food, while the other two who normally accompany her would actively occupy themselves with her manicures and pedicures or sometimes  cooling her off.  Meanwhile , On this particular day, She was seated at the flower porch just very close to her chambers when suddenly one of the other Palace maids came running to deliver the King’s message to her, She was fondly called Zianah by her co-maids because of her beauty and splendor even as a Palace maid plus the fact that she carries the traditional ‘bindi’ (decoration) on her forehead. Something non other carries in the Palace. Sometimes the maidens do argue comparing the superiority of her beauty to that of the Princess. However, another perfect blend with her beauty is her dedication and selfless service… All of these made her everyone’s favourite but except the Princess. As she ran through the corridor leading to the porch, She carelessly lost her footing and stumbled on Gina who was already engrossed with her service to the Princess, Gina reflexively fell over the Princess who screamed and yelled as she pushed Gina sideways in a bid to save herself from further harm. Instantly Zianah bowed on her face hurriedly  apologising to the Princess as she simultaneously wailed. “Are you blind?, or does blindness run in your family?…You’ll utterly get punished for this ” Princess Cara said authoritatively.

To be Continued…

You have been reading Princess Of Gaza, Episode 2 promises to be even more attention holding!

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