Miss Ekimogun 2016 confirmed her participation in the Miss Atlantic International 2016 in an exclusive interview with EM

Our man Adegunloye Kayode had an exclusive interview with Ms. Olajumoke Adetunji Becca the winner of Miss Ekimogun 2015/2016. In this interview she confirmed her participation in the Miss Atlantic International 2016, she also talked about combining education with her career, relationship and the project she will embark on during her reign as the Miss Ekimogun. Read the excerpt below:

Tell us experience during the contest?

It was fun, well competitive and tough during camping. The pageant was free and fair because I never knew I could win.

We know you have taken part in  other pageants, what made the Miss Ekimogun experience different?
Miss Ekimogun is basically to promote Ondo cultural heritage which makes it unique.

As an undergraduate, how do you combine your studies with modeling?
It is tough but I have been able to combine both. Almost all my lecturers in school understand my profession as a model. I am always careful not to allow one affect the other.  I take my time to plan my schedule
How do you intend to affect Ondo positively as the incumbent Miss Ekimogun?

My aim is not limited to Ondo society but the country at large. Being of service to humanity, I will also work on a foundation to intensify awareness on cholera and its prevention.

We understand that by the virtue of winning the Miss Ekimogun 2016 you won a slot to represent the country in an international event…How true is this?

That is very true. I will be representing Nigeria in Uruguay South America for the Miss Atlantic next year.



Congratulations on the feat.

Thank You

It’s obvious that winning this pageant had brought you lot of accolades, what other things has the crown gotten you?
Responsibilities! The crown has gotten me Responsibilities. I see myself as a lady that so many models out there are looking up to. I am going to put in all my best, so that after my reign, I will be remembered forever.

There are several ladies who aspire to be top notch models, but our perception about models as Africans may have discouraged them. What is your word of encouragement for such ladies?
That why in everything u set your mind, you must be determined, set your goal, pray, be determined and make perseverance your watchword. They should not make the mistake of dropping  their modeling career because of little distractions.

Are you into a relationship?  if yes, how have you been able to manage your career and relationship?
For now my career is the only relationship am keen about.

The EM team would like to congratulate you once again for the recent feats recorded and also wish you good luck as you continue your exploits.
Thank you very much

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