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Love Thrills -Episode 9

love thrills9


When it comes to matters of the heart, it is true that a real man who is in love could be  very dauntless. It was transparent enough that Tony was already getting impatient, maybe confused too. Meanwhile Raymond who had kept quiet as he watched Tony talk all along continued from where he stopped before Tony abruptly interrupted him. “Look here Tony, I know you love this girl in question, but the point is how much do you think you know her? Besides, most of these girls are unscrupulous”. But…in an attempt to continue, Tony interrupted once again as he stood up angrily  “Now this is one insult too many and I won’t take it from you no more..For Heaven’s sake this is my Fiancée we’re talking about here and you have the temerity to sit there and call her names? Ray! I won’t take this and as a matter of fact I want us to drop this discussion and never go back to it again” He yelled angrily. Raymond however knew his utterances really hurt Tony and without mincing his words he made amends “I am so sorry Tony, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, maybe it’s not in my place to say, but I was only offering a friendly advice, But am deeply sorry all the same” He apologized. “That’s fine”, Tony replied quickly.

After Tony had made his displeasure known and Raymond had following in time apologized, It was evident that there was neither any bad blood nor hard feelings between them as Tony picked one of the game controller lying on the couch “Come on let me teach you some game lessons” he boasted, referring to Raymond as they both laughed, Raymond stood from where he was sitting and sat beside Tony as he picked the other controller  and they continued playing amidst teases and laughter.

It was reaching nightfall, so Raymond decided to take his leave, Tony however saw him off to his car which was parked in the compound, And because the gate was partially locked, Tony called on the gate man who was inside his own quarters to open the gate for Ray to drive out. After the gate was opened, he drove out as Tony waved him. Though they’ve both made peace but Tony was still a bit surprised at what Raymond said earlier. But in the meantime everything was sorted and so there was no reason to keep grudges.

Raymond drove home gently as he soliloquized, “Am really bemused by Tony’s reaction tonight, I can’t belief he shouted at me just because of a lady, Some lady he barely knew. Besides, we’ve been together for years and now a lady is trying to come in between us. I definitely won’t allow that… Come to think of it, That lady I saw her picture on his phone looks too cute for Tony, Am still wondering how he managed to talk to her let alone start a relationship. Well, i’ll definitely see to it” He calmly said to himself as he drove along the Estate inter locked road.

To be continued…

The drama is gradually reaching it’s climax, follow Episode 10 to unpuzzle..

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