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Love Thrills – Episode 6

Tony beckoned on the bar attendant who came rushing to their table where they were both seated, He placed order for his drink after which Debbie made her request along with. They got talking and after a while the bartender brought the ordered drinks amidst their talk, They both discussed at length, majorly about business and thereafter they talked about life , Love and some other topics. They had further discussions and after spending sometime Debbie requested to take her leave as it was almost dusk, Tony politely demanded for her mobile digits which she gladly gave without hesitation, Afterwards, Tony saw her off to her car which wasn’t packed proximally to where they sat. They both waved each other as Debbie zoomed off.

After several weeks of getting more intimate through calls over the phone plus a couple of visits to each other, They both became Pals. Asides the reality that Debbie was a smart and intelligent girl, Tony seemed to be more swayed by her lively feature.

However, after a couple of months of both work and play relationship between them. One day Debbie went to pay him a visit and after several gists, Tony voiced out her intentions though amidst fears of a reject ”I wouldn’t know how best to put this but I beseech you to take it however way it comes because it’s the plain truth, Debbie I love you so much and would want us to be more intimate”, He uttered as he looked sideways with a bit of fear in his eyes like a student in a dissertation defence hall. ” Since when have you been nursing this thought and what makes you think I don’t have a fiancé?” Debbie asked smilingly. Tony was short of words and apparently lost in thought. Nonetheless, Debbie looked at him, held his head and  turned his face straightways and told him “Yes! I do love you too” Tony couldn’t believe his eyes, he screamed and hugged her tightly like someone who wouldn’t let go. It was evident that they were both ecstatic as they appeared like they were made for each other. Without much ado they started dating each other. It was all perfect, they were a like a flawless match, and in no time, Debbie introduced Tony to her siblings when he came around their house, Even Desmond who was never keen on anything she does was pleased to meet her spouse.

Her kid sister Shontelle  who is the last child was the first to lay out the welcome mat for Tony as he alighted from his black SUV, She had always told Debbie to bring home her man, and not just any man but a handsome and  comfy person. So after peeping at the gate from the balustrade when Tony’s exotic Lexus jeep  zoomed into the compound and judging from the way he was dappperly dressed in a neatly bottened shirt accustomed with a nice blazer suit, all on a pair of black jean with matching black shoes, His wristwatch was  not left out of Shontelle’s  sight which apparently looked expensive too even though she couldn’t quite catch the designer, With the little she figured out, She could all but tell that Tony was obviously the right man for Debbie.

To be continued.


Both the Thrill and Quiver is about to unfold, follow the next Episode to find out.


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