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Love Thrills – Episode 5

He was worried about Debbie, it’s all so baffling how a man meets a lady for the first time and thereafter loses sleep because of her. After a few seconds he ignited the car and drove off. Later that evening, he was in company of his friend Raymond, Who came visiting at his place, Tony and Raymond have been good friends for many years, The type of relationship people call ‘Childhood ‘and so they both share huge trust in each other which apparently is the more reason why they could barely keep secrets from one another. They are a really good pair, Although they had a huge quarrel many years ago way back in their University days but they had since called it truce. Meanwhile, After a couple of talks, laughs and Drinks Tony hinted Raymond about Debbie, how they met and the proposed working relationship and obviously how he felt since meeting Debbie.

Of a truth Tony and Raymond are best of friends and asides that, they equally share few similarities and ideologies but one big difference between them is that while Tony could be a real lover and a perfect gentleman, Raymond is a stark playboy when it comes to relationship with the opposite sex. Of course Tony knew better than to talk to Raymond about Debbie but he had no choice as he couldn’t bare the thought alone. However, after a few seconds of thought, Raymond asked Tony if he really wanted to date Debbie or if he merely wanted to have a taste of her. Tony wasn’t pleased with what Ray said and bluntly told him Only a coward of a man would woo a lady just for the sole purpose of sleeping with her without loving her. “You know am not into sleeping with ladies for fun like you,I think I feel something different for this lady” Tony stressed,They both went mute afterwards and after a few seconds Raymond stood up and left for the bar to get himself more drinks, He asked if he could pour Tony some more liquor but he practically said no by waving him away. Raymond picked up the cable remote and switched the TV channel after which he lighted his cigar which he had brought out from a small packet in his pocket. Tony kept on watching him, shook his head and made for the stairs leading to his room. “I’ll be right back” He said as he ascended the stairs.

Elsewhere, Debbie was having the best moment of her life enjoying every bit of her new Job and after her first month working with the corporation, She was rewarded with the corporation’s usual monthly best Staff award and was cheered up by all her colleagues, For her she was obviously fulfilling her desire.

Several months fizzled by like a flash and every single thing she did pleased her boss and the entire corporation, She had moved to her private apartment given to her at her work place as part of the benefits attached to working as a top staff in the corporation.

One fateful day, she bumped into Tony at a relaxation spot in town where she had gone to unwind. She was astonished at the sight of him, He was the last person she thought she could meet there. They approached each other, hugged slightly and thereafter found themselves a suitable place to sit and talk.

To be Continued.

What’s next, follow the next episode to know.

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