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Love Thrills – Episode 11



Debbie couldn’t wait to meet her caller. and to know what the proposal would look like. She is one young lady who is so ambitious and wants to cover a whole wide range within a short time. someone you can unmistakably call a goal getter who has huge passion for her job. She knew quite alright that if she could tidy up the proposal which would be a gainful one for her company, Then she would get the nod to access all proposals coming to the company as there had been series off shortcomings in proposals treated by some other personnels in the corporation prior to the time.

However, She  pulled out of their Estate and after about 45 minutes or there about she was able to locate the venue which was on the mainland of Lagos. It wasn’t a close drive at all and as soon as she drove into premises which to her surprise was a small restaurant.  At the entrance of the restaurant was a dapper looking guy who was dressed in a plain white top and a pair of jean coupled with white sandals apparently matching his shirt. He was equally donning a face- cap along with. As Debbie was pulling over she spotted the young man but there wasn’t  that air of assurance that the guy was the person she was there to see even though the young man kept staring at her. Afterwards  she came out of the car and as she was alighting from the car, her cell phone rang, She took an almost simultaneous glance at her phone and the young man at the entrance of the restaurant after which she noticed he was placing his phone on his right ear, she was about picking up when Raymond pointed to her and said “Hello, debbie right? ” He asked and Debbie nodded in affirmation. Raymond smiled hysterically… Of course he knew Debbie well enough because he had seen pictures of her on Tony’s mobile phone. They quickly exchanged pleasantries and entered into the restaurant as it was just about pouring outside. It’s been a cloudy weather all along.

Raymond courted Debbie to his table where he was seated before stepping out to pick her earlier on, ” So what would you like to take, Anything at all and the bills on me ” Raymond said, Debbie smiled softly and told him not to worry but instead go straight to the proposition he had on ground. Raymond took time to introduce himself and thereafter came out plain as to the real reason why he requested that Debbie came around. “Well, Am sorry if I have crossed you in anyway but all the same whatever it is am doing at the moment is absolutely for your own good” He started. Debbie looked rather puzzled and lost and then she asked “Mr. Raymond, could you please be more explicit because I don’t seem to comprehend what exactly you are talking about “. For some seconds Raymond refused to utter a word, Debbie on the other hand was getting more worried and confused and again she reiterated requesting that Raymond should be more precise.

“You see, Have known you for sometime now and I also know that you are in a relationship with Tony who happens to be my  friend. But being the kind of guy that I am, I can’t stand the fact that a good lady like you is hanging out with a flirty guy like Tony. He doesn’t love you the way you think he does, And as a matter of fact He has several other ladies of which you’re not even on his queue” He said as he took a sip from his wine glass. Debbie looked rather astonished and bewildered as she stared endlessly at Raymond. Finally she looked straight at Raymond and said “Are you quite sure of what you’re telling me”? , Raymond  was quick to nod for a ‘Yes’ as he licked his lips obviously getting a sweet taste from his wine cup. Debbie  who was now a bit restless in her looks pleaded with Raymond to come with him to her place as they needed to talk further, Raymond clearly turned down her request but after much pleas he obiged her and without wasting time they were out of the restaurant. Debbie drove in front while Raymond who also came in his car drove right behind. After several minutes on the tarmac they were soon at Debbie’s residence.

Timi was enjoying himself,  thanks to the pleasure that accompanied the fresh breeze under the shade in their compound. Not quite long, Debbie drove into the compound and surprisingly another vehicle drove in just after her. He stood up as Debbie approached her and greeted her. “Come on in Mr. Raymond”, She said. Within some minutes they were all seated in their living room, After which Debbie had offered Ray a cup of cold water. It was coincidentally a full house. Timi had been home for two days though but Desmond was home simply because it was a weekend and as for Shontelle, She had come home from school just to spend the weekend and to get Timi to help fix her faulty car. Sometimes ago, She had complained about the problem she’s being encountering with her car and she felt Timi would allow her go back to school with a new one, Since they had enough well covered in the compound. So considerably it was indeed a housefull. Everyone except Debbie and Raymond was still wondering what was going on, Meanwhile Debbie requested that Raymond repeated what he told her earlier at the reaturant so that her siblings would be freed from their keeness .

Raymond started just the way he had told Debbie beforehand, And as he continued, Tony suddenly walked in. Raymond was shocked to see Tony, He stuttered and couldn’t bring himself to utter anymore words. “So you could be this callous Ray?, You could do this to me? , You could stab me in the back this hard?, Oh! My God ” Tony yelled as he ran towards Raymond and punched him in the face before both Timi and Desmond seized him. Debbie wasn’t surprised after all, She practically coughed out everything she knew about the whole affair. “Well, the truth is I never believed him from the start, I started having mixed feelings about him the very first minute he called in with a private digit. Meanwhile I trusted Tony would never do such a thing and that was why I instantly sent a text to Tony as I drove back home. Just so you know Raymond, I know you very well, Yes! I do”. She said affirmatively before continuing

“Sometimes ago, Tony told me a whole lot about you, both the good and bad aspect of you. He told me you’ve been friends for years and how you’ve always supported him. He also told me how you wronged him many years ago while you both were in the University… You, Raymond cheated on your best friend with a lady he truly loved and you knew it, But Just because he requested  you to talk to her on his behalf, You took that as a chance to ditch your childhood friend and yet he pardoned you and never said a word about it. Now you are at it again” Debbie highlighted as she sighed.

Raymond couldn’t believe his eyes, He was glued to his seat and was wearing a pitiful look as he watched on in surprise. Timi who had kept mute all along was swimming in astonishment while Desmond was rather furious as he stared profusely at Raymond. However, Shontelle didn’t wait for her turn as she shouted at Raymond to leave their house. “Okay, that’s it…What is this betrayal still waiting for?, Uncle please get your ass up and leave our house” She ordered as she hissed. Meanwhile Tony had stood from where he was initially seated as he went over to Debbie to cuddle her… “Very well then, It’s just so unfortunate that we still have young men who stab their friends in the back like this, I mean It’s rather appalling” Tony lamented as he stood up and made for the stairs leading to his room. Everyone kept staring at Raymond and after few seconds when he could no longer take the shame, He got to his feet and was apparently apologising using gestures after which he made for the exit door and left.

The End!!!

What would you have done if you were in Tony’s shoes? Would you have done ‘better’? Let’s have your take.

Thanks for reading Love Thrills. Edoyak’s Diary would come with yet another amazing tale soon. Watch Out!!

Series compilation by: Adegunloye Kayode

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