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Live and Let’s Live.. Stop Rape

Here we go again, It’s a big societal ailment that needs to be treated urgently. Rape has gradually become a menace in our society, Literally it’s meant to be synonymous with being hasty or a precipitation, But our society now seems to have settled for the more scary definitions of rape whereby Vitiation, Violation and Despoiling have now become the order of the day.

However, It’s high time a stop is put to this devilish act whereby a man would turn animalistic as to pounce on a helpless lady and force her into Sexual intercourse against her wish. Ordinarily this act is not expected of any sane homo sapien but the question is how many sane individuals do we have out there nowadays, Sadly enough our societal views have not helped matters though and this is why you hear people condemn ladies and some rape victims, Some would say “why did you visit him in his house”? Others will rather say “why would you wear such an outfit”? Well from codified experience, I believe a matured lady is free to don any outfit she feels comfortable in although I take conk exceptions to wearing near unclad clothes all in the rave of fashion, It is decent enough for a lady to adore herself in a dapper way but in the other way round, It is equally expected of our men to respect these ladies, Hold their heads high and know that the act of rape portrays you as less of a man. Just live and let these ladies live.

In Conclusion, One unbelievable submission is that the word rape and the act itself appear to have cut across both genders indicating that even ladies go as far as raping their male counterparts, Although I still find this quite appalling, But in the meantime we all need to stand up against this act. It would go a long way in bettering the lives our children, Our ladies and the society at large.

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