The same way there is a player who is a guy specialized in toying with the heart of ladies and tossing them around there is also playerette who is that beautiful, intelligent girl that derives pleasure in tossing men too. There are sign you need to watch out for if you really want to know if the lady you always see around you is a playerette in disguise.

She is always concerned about her body:  A playerette can go extra miles to buy expensive creams and soaps to care for her body. She knows that is the center of her attraction and she needs to care for it well. She uses the best of body perfumes just to draw attention of men to her and she doesn’t care to reveal a little flesh whenever she dresses.

She is a social media freak:  She is always active on instagram, snap chat and facebook. She uploads pictures everyday showing off either her boobs or bums. She gets more comments and likes from mostly men who see her pictures on the social media.

She is a gold digger: She is into guys just for what she would get from them. She plays the lover girl until she gets what she needs from a guy.  She always talks about buying expensive things and you wonder where she gets all the money from.  She has different guys servicing her in different measures. There is a Sola that buys her data bundle and one Seyi that pays her electricity bills.

She doesn’t lose touch with guys she once played: She is smart enough to keep all the guys she played. She calls and texts them once in a while and even still hangs out with them. She believes she might still need their favour in future

She is very popular: Her beauty and intelligence makes her a centre of fame among men. Most men want to be around her. In fact most guys are always tempted to impress her just to gain her attention.

She is a perfect actor:  You surely know she is a playerette if she perfectly acts like a lover girl to you despite having lots of guys in her hand.  She doesn’t disturb you or pressurize you about your movement. She plays along with the guy. No disturbance from her.

She doesn’t return your call on time: She might be busy hanging out with her other male friends while you called her. She will call back at her own convenient time and when you ask her why she has not picked up her calls she would give flimsy excuses.

When you know she is a playerette, don’t try to change her or impress her if you don’t want to fall prey.  Next time you watch out for signs to know if your bae is a confirm playerette. Stay cool.

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