Can You Wash Dishes at Your Soon-to-be In-laws’s Party? Must Read

Good day my lovely people. A friend of mine shared her experience and I feel I should share it with you. No mind me say I talk too much.. lol. There was a Saturday this lady went to a party organised by the parents of her fiancé. In fact it was the wedding of her fiancé’s elder sister. When she got to the wedding reception just to enjoy the groove of the moment as a guest, relatives from her fiancé side called her “Our wife, please come and wash all these dirty plates for us”. Right there at the wedding reception she felt embarrassed because she has only come to enjoy and not to work. Besides, she hasn’t even married their son. She felt the assignment should have been given to the caterers. Eventually she washed all the dishes even when she didn’t like the idea. In your opinion do you think it is right for her to have refused or not? If you were the guy what would you tell your lady? Is it a sign of respect or embarrassment for the lady in question? Drop your opinion in the comment box. Love you guys

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