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Princess of Gaza – Episode 3

Princess of Gaza

It was definitely going to be a night to forget for Zianah, Meanwhile the Princess ordered that she should be taken away and duly  punished. Afterwards two hefty looking guards came and took her away, She kept weeping and wailing as she pleaded with the Princess for pardon even though it was quite evident that no pardons would be coming her way. The Palace guards dragged her along as she was reluctantly clawing back wit her legs.

She was subsequently taken to  the Horses’ pen at the extreme end of the palace. It is a large wooden structure where the king’s royal horses are kept and fed, He rides on them on special Traditional occasions. Expectedly it is a rather dirty place due to the animal’s dung and urine making the place stink profusely. Meanwhile, the guards whipped and thrashed her really hard as she wept and pleaded for mercy, All her pleas fell on their deaf ears, they kept flogging her with the long whip in their hands and she kept screaming for help. The Pain and anguish was much, At a point in time she passed out. The guards were baffled and thereafter one of them made for a bucket of water which was poured on her. Zianah sneezed and came alive once again. She looked diluted and powerless, At a point the thought in her head was that she needed to be strong to take the full punition for her crimeless attitude, Of course it was more of an unpitched mistake than an intentional action.

The guards left her after a while and returned to the main area of the palace. A stern order was then given that she shouldn’t be fed until she says otherwise. For two nights Zianah was left in the dirty pen without food or water, She was so weak and looked more like someone who would die in the next minute. The other maids were so displeased, They didn’t believe the Princess could be so mean and heartless.

“Am not sure if everyone has the same thought as me, I don’t seem to comprehend why Princess Cara is this cruel, I mean she is damn too despicable. She doesn’t even have little empathy whatsoever. I can’t imagine she ordered that Zianah be left in that ugly and stinking place, She didn’t even allow us give her neither food nor water…gush! That’s too heartless” Gina submitted. Although  no one was happy with how badly Zianah was treated. But even at that Harriett, one of the younger maids felt they needed to be careful with their utterances.

“It’s obvious that Princess Cara is so cruel and disrespectful, personally I am not baffled one bit and I do not expect a sense of surprise from any of us. She extends her act of misrespect to everyone including the Palace chiefs. But I would like to suggest that we keep our hatred for her to ourselves lest we put ourselves into trouble.. These walls have ears” Harriett advised shortly.


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