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Princess of Gaza- Episode 2


Episode 2

She kept staring at the invidious maid and after a couple of seconds she stood up pushing Gina, her senior maid aside as she stormed into the alley leading to the King’s quarters. Gina could only imagine what the Princess was up to this time around. “What were you thinking Zianah?, You’ve only succeeded in putting yourself in a big trouble, a real big one” Gina submitted. Zianah looked restless and couldn’t bring herself to utter a single word, She looked confused because if they knew Princess Cara well enough, It’s evident that trouble looms for Zianah. She kept wailing as Gina and her co-maids consoled her.

Meanwhile the Princess had just reported Zianah to her father, Thereafter she got the royal permission to sentence the maid herself. It was near evident that big trouble was hanging over the beautiful young maid who was weeping profusely in the courtyard porch. Her colleagues were with her busy consoling her. They knew she won’t be pardoned, They knew her quite alright, She doesn’t renege on his words neither does she forgives anyone who crosses her path.

It wasn’t long afterwards, Princess Cara stormed back into the yard with two hefty Palace guards accompanying her.

“Take this thing out of my sight at once and am sure you know what to do with her” She ordered.

One of the Guards roughly handled Zianah who was sheepishly pleading with the Princess. Her pleas and wailings wouldn’t make the Princess have compassion on her. she told the guards to take her away using gestures. Zianah kept weeping and dragging herself to the ground as the Guards spanked her along.

She kept weeping and yelling as the merciless guards dragged her away, She was subsequently  taken straight to the cattle’s pen where she was severely dealt with. The guards flogged her real hard like someone who had stolen the King’s ring. She screamed helplessly as they flogged her without mercy. After a series of thorough beating and whipping, Zianah suddenly passed out. The guards looked at each other and then one of them quickly made for a bucket of water which was poured on Zianah. She coughed as she came around anew. She was weak and pale, she felt pains all over her body and for two nights the Princess ordered that she must be starved and kept in the cattle’s dirty pen.

“This our Princess could be so mean, She kept Zianah in that dirty place and even ordered the guards to beat her to a pulp. And  she still refused us giving her food. I hate her with a passion, For crying out loud the poor girl only stumbled mistakenly. She couldn’t have done that on purpose…humhum”. Gina  lamented as she spoke to the other younger maids in their quarters which was built at the rear end of King Mido’s Palace. Meanwhile after she gave her take about her despise for the Princess, Harriett, one of the younger maids quickly cautioned her to watch her utterances lest she meets the same fate as Zianah.

“I don’t like her either but we all know we are choiceless. We have to serve her because that’s why we are here in the Palace, Besides i’ll advise we keep our hatred for her to ourselves because this walls have ears” Harriett said as she sighed.

To be Continued.

What’s up next?…Episode 3 of Princess Of Gaza has a whole lot more to offer!

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