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Love Thrills – Episode 3

She proceeded to the room which was pointed to her by the receptionist, As she entered into the room, She met another group of people waiting in the lobby and she began to wonder why there were so many people in there. She was still wondering when suddenly the attendant’s telephone which was placed on the table in front of her rang and after speaking with the person from the other end of the phone which obviously was the boss, Adeleke Debbie was the name called out by the attendant as she dropped the land phone, that was debbie..She was marveled considering the fact that she only just came in and ordinarily shouldn’t be the next person to be called. However, she went into the office on the directive of the attendant. It was a big office, well furnished to anybody’s taste, everything well arranged and positioned appropriately. She greeted the Manager who was spin-bowling on a comfy black leather office seat, He responded calmly and told her to make herself comfortable. As Debbie was making for the visitor’s seat positioned right in front of him, The manager cleared his throat and started by telling her that her resumes had been sent to him via mail by her brother Timi and that he was confident Debbie would be able to add as a plus to their corporation, Debbie nodded and smiled in affirmation as she thanked him, “Today is Friday, So you are expected to resume on Monday with all start-up benefits accrued to be given to you on Monday and make sure you see the receptionist before you leave” The manager told her. She was extremely glad as she was evidently beaming with joy, She thanked her soon to be boss, Gave him his words that she won’t let the company down and she made for the exit door.

She went back straight to the attendant who was busy scribbling down something on an official piece of paper, She dropped her pen as Debbie approached her. She was crystal sure Debbie had been given the job with the way she kept smiling, She made for a long piece of sheet from inside a drawer close to her and handed it over to Debbie. “Am sure you’ve been given the job” she asked and Debbie replied Yes!. She congratulated her and equally briefed her on what was contained in the long sheet given to her. It was the corporations terms, conditions and all what she stands to gain from working with the Entertainment outfit which included an Official car and a private Lodge. Indeed it was a dream come true for Debbie, She thanked the attendant and left the premises.

Afterwards, she took a bike and made for her brother’s office which was sited at the periphery of the City. She knew it would be expensive but she never minded and without mincing his words the bike man told her the drop would cost her a thousand and five hundred naira #1500, She didn’t negotiate the price as she climbed on the bike telling the biker not to over speed. After a couple of minutes she was already at her brother’s company, The one their parents gave to him. It was fun subsequently as she celebrated her appointment with her brother and after drinking slightly in his office, He grabbed his car keys and they both left for a nearby eatery to dine.

The weekend was pretty fast and in no time she resumed to work on Monday morning as proposed, She was introduced to the other Staffs of the Corporation, Both formal and backroom workers. Debbie was surprised to see a lot of people because she never thought their staff trent was that enormous. However after the brief introduction, she met with Hannah, who was the attendant she met the last time she came around the office. They got more acquainted and ended up exchanging names and mobile digits and following in time became friends, Even though Debbie was Hannah’s senior in the office considering their portfolio. However Debbie started up quite brilliantly and soon became the toast of everyone in the Office, She was diligent, Intelligent, Resourceful and cheerful too. No wonder they all loved her.

To be Continued…

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the next Episode of Love Thrills!

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