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Love Thrills – Episode 2

Debbie still seemingly surprised was held her in the hand by her brother as he took her inside the house, She sat down on one of the twin leather sofas in their big living room as she watched her brother make for the large refrigerator at one corner of the dining room, He grabbed a bottle of a branded chilled drink and gave it to her “Come on drink up baby sister, You look fagged out and a cold drink with a cool bathe is what you need right now” He said. She smiled as she opened the drink and was about to utter her first statement since she came into the house when suddenly her brother told her she already had a job offer. With a wrinkled face and a slightly opened mouth which all but showed her beautifully carved diastema in surprise, She was agog and then she  asked her brother how he managed to get her a job, Timi coughed slightly as he answered ” Well, I know you were surprised to meet me at home at this early hour of the day” Debbie nodded in affirmation,” But the truth it is that I didn’t even go to work today, A friend of mine came around the house for a business plan which we ironed out together and afterwards I took time to hint him about you needing a job and luckily he decided to lend a helping hand, That’s it” He concluded. All Debbie could do was to chuckle and smile as she threw one of the pillows on the sofa at her brother as they both laughed hysterically , So psyched “Thank you so very much brother” She said happily, “So you have an interview slated for 8am tomorrow” He told her.

It was the dawn of that momentous day, At least for Debbie it was a significant day because all she had ever wanted was to get a Job pertaining to entertainment, She got the address of the interview centre from her brother who was still upstairs in his room dressing for work, He bade her good luck as she hurriedly made for the door leaving it ajar. She purposely did not drive to the location because of the fear of getting there late, So she took a bike instead and was really prompt in getting to the interview centre which was a six storey structure of Glass and Tiles, It was a beautiful sight to behold and in an instance  Debbie quickly prayed to God for her to be offered a job at the establishment even though she hasn’t stepped into the premises.

She entered into the compound which had several exotic cars well parked in the parking lot, Somehow she was fidgety but again she was confident in herself that she was going to make herself proud. However, She was about making for the door when her cell phone rang, It was her elder brother Timi, Who was calling to know whether she was already there “Hey Debbie are you there now?” He asked from the other end of the phone , “Yes bro, I just entered the premises, I’ll talk to you later ” She replied shortly as she hung up the call. Meanwhile, She approached the door to the reception which was a silver coated glass pint, The type that opens once you step close to it. Debbie entered into the reception hall which was rather cold and breezy, Thanks to the standing air- conditioners positioned at both ends of the  hall, The entire place looked calm and serene, Everyone quietly seated, And although she saw people sitting on the couch waiting to see one person or the other but she went straight to one of ladies wearing a neatly customised top who apparently were receptionists, They exchanged a few words and thereafter she was told to proceed to the other room located just next to the reception hall. As she got there…

To be continued…

What happened afterwards ? Follow the next Episode to unsnarl.

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