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Love Thrills 1

Love Thrills – Episode 1

She is a perfect example of a good lady, although she is young, beautiful and petite but she’s got Confidence, Vibrancy and Maturity. Her name is Debbie Adams and she comes from a wealthy home. It is true that most rich kids are spoilt and are synonymous with being disrespectful but this isn’t the case with Debbie, I think she is one of the few exceptions of her kind.

Debbie’s parents lived in the ‘States’, Ok, at least that’s the general grammar for the USA and so she stays with her siblings in one of their mansions on the Island of Lagos which is generally cohabited by the rich and famous in the City, Although they have few other houses scattered around the City of Lagos which they let out to lessees. However this particular mansion in which they stay is the most sizeable and luxurious of all their habours which their parents had built sometimes ago when they were still in the Country. There Debbie  stays with her two elder brothers and a kid sister.

After a successful four year stint in the University where she graduated with a  second-Class Upper degree in Mass Communication and then a one year Compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC), She was bent on going into the Entertainment Industry in the Country, Although her immediate elder brother Desmond wasn’t really in support of the idea but She was self-assured with the support she got from her other two siblings especially her first brother Timi, Who gave her his words to back her cause in whatever she was going into. Somehow the news of Debbie’s decision to venture into the entertainment world got to their parents, They never liked the idea and so she was told to come over to the USA which she utterly refused, She knew no one else could have put a call through to their parents other than Desmond. After her secondary school education She was meant to have studied in the States though, but due to what she called her passion for her Fatherland and some other flimsy excuses she gave then, She was allowed to have her way and study in Nigeria. So someway, She had this belief that she would get away with her choice this time just like she did couple of years back.

In no time she started Job hunting and for several weeks nothing seem to be forthcoming, She grew frustrated and One day after returning home from her job hunt at about 3:30pm, She was baffled to be welcomed into the house by her elder brother Timi. Being the first child of the house, Timi was  bequeathed with their parent’s large upholstery company located on the suburb of Lagos, It is a very massive structure and they boast the finest of finished furniture works in the City of Lagos plus they are being patronized by Top Clients in Lagos and other big Cities in the Country. By now you should understand He’s got a huge business on his hands and ordinarily the more reason why he shouldn’t be at home at that time of the day. However, Debbie was even more surprised to see his car well parked in the garage indicating that he didn’t even drop by at work that day.

To be Continued…

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