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Love in Shatters

Love In Shatters

Here is another topic up for debate, We caught up with a decent number of youths around town in respect to this particular gist, Though our random sampling were mostly ladies and while some of them took to the support of their fellow ladies, Some literally talked down the act.

However, It’s okay to cry an Ocean when a lady’s love is shattered but how does she go about getting over it? Meanwhile It is observed that when ladies get jilted or dumped by their guys in a relationship, The next thing most of them do is to seek solace with another man who is either a close friend or more worryingly some stoop as low as going to the extent of finding ‘relief’ in the arms of their Ex. Of course I mean ‘relief’ indeed. Needless raise those brows because ordinarily there isn’t anything bad in seeking comfort from a friend or even an Ex when your relationship hits the rock, But the annoying aspect of it all is that some end up having intercourse with these so called Solaces.

Now that’s the bone of contention, What is your take on this? It is true that a heartbreak hurts badly and like most ladies would routinely say ” He used me and dumped me”, It is a usual saying and maybe it’s understandable or at times a bit exaggerated but what remains a roun is why a lady should rush back into the arms of another man nearby simply because she is heartbroken.

Do we call this act Ignorance or Immaturity? We won’t do this alone however, So in the meantime let’s have your take on this trending one, Simply send in your submissions by using the feedback box.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…

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