Eki-Retro, A blend of contemporary vintage.

Fashion is a reimagining of creativity that adapts to the current day. This view of fashion gives rise to the concept of #ekiretro.

Retro refers to the imitation of a recent past style or fashion. As a result, #ekiretro is a delicious and mystical design that is a ripoff of recent Ondo styles. Many of the fashion pieces that are in style right now are adaptations of certain looks that individuals have been wearing recently.

Ondo women wore iró (wrappers) and Bùbá (loose tops that resembled blouses) in the 1960s and 70s.
As a child in Ondo, I remember seeing my mother’s old photos of herself, with her chic traditional Yoruba clothes, afro, and beehive hairstyles.
The stunning ensembles modeled by Caro Laura, Susan Famutimi, and Anthonia Raheem, photographed in Ondo city by Ace photographer ‘Waju’ and directed by Akindele constituted waxxy. They perfectly complemented the retro aesthetic.

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