Your Company Will Make or Mare Your Dreams by Itunu Akorede

I opin that success comes quicker when you surround yourself with people who have positive attitude and vision in life. The most important part of any individual is the supreme being he or she believes, this is either celestial or terrestrial, the earthly important ones are the parents and the COMPANY you keep. Parents do to a large impact on the lives and character of the children. That only lasts for the period which the child stays with them. The value of the training a child receives is put through a process of ACID TEST the moment he steps out of their homes and presence. We all have gone through this stage. The training will be consciously and unconsciously tested by friends, often time we slip. On more than two occasions, I saw myself slipping away but recovered from such by the slightest remembrance of my parents who did everything to make their children societal fit. Someone once said if you want a child to walk in a way, you have to work on such path.
Friends have this unconscious way of shaping our thoughts and ideas, sometimes this affect lives either positively or negativity. I have some friends I go to when I want to hear that very unfriendly truth that nobody else will tell me. I have some friends who will put their lives on the line to defend me. I have some “lower chin, Rosy cheek friends”, you only see them when you can offer them something. You have some friends who will drive 40 miles to pick you up at night when you run out of gas. You have friends who will tell people your secret. I developed an attitude early in life to stay away from scandal. I remind myself that the only thing that gives room for scandal is secret. I have my secret with just God, that’s if I ever have one. Friends whom you think is your best and he’s your confidant, and knows the “color of your underwear”, is the same person that will testify against you at the court. One of the stories that stick to my heart was told by one of my grandparents. The same man who knew my grandpa, who was a politician back in the days was the same person who led those who wanted him killed to him.
Discuss your greatest dreams and aspirations with friends and if you’re not careful, that may be the end of it. Then you possibly see them doing what they discouraged you from doing. Sometimes ago, during one of my chats with a friend, he told me that he was bitter with one of his friends whom he confided in on a particular beautiful lady, the friend practically destroyed the personality of this lady calling her all kinds of unfriendly names that eventually got this my friend away from her. Unfortunately for my friend, his “confidant” is married to the same lady he called a prostitute. This is one of the bearable thing human beings are capable of doing. We do worst things than this . There are lot more examples of people who were betrayed by friends but never lived to tell the story. A sealed lip is a secured life. I used to tell friends about my moves, but divinely I got that “trick of playing the piano” for everyone and quit when the melody is in their ears.
Surround yourself with people who can help your destiny not the ones that will kill you both physically and emotionally. Some will leave you dry and dead. Friends are good for a keep when the company is positive and helpful to the attainment of your set goals

Itunulevi Akorede
Principal Partner at Ythorse Youth Work Idea

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