With the Incessant Sacks Employers need to be Tamed – Yewande Adedokun


I try, God knows I try to paint my country in a good light but they are not helping anyone see this picture clearly. My country is officially a joke.


I went through Linda Ikeji’s blog recently as a blog lover and I read the shocking news of Jimoh Ibrahim’s staff of National Mirror that came in during his lecture at an event to display because their salary is not being paid for five months and right there he said he will pay the money if the MD and the DMD of that particular company resigns after his lecture.

Our governor! Our governor!! Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha sacked about 3,000 workers on the 4th of this month, saying some government parastatals will not be needed anymore, so, the people affected should handover government properties within 48 hours with an immediate stop to their salaries and that plans will be communicated to them, which we know what that means OYO. No explanation, they just wake up and fire people. Was it not the same governor last tenure? Did he not see he did not need those parastatals then? All of a sudden, some people have to be miserable now because he woke up on the 4th of January unhappy.

FCMB gave about 200 staff leave, only for them to resume with a sack letter from the human resource department. Claiming it is for the growth of the bank. Biko, what will happen to the growth of the staff laid off? So, automatically,  Mr. Subomi Balogun feels he did them a favour by giving them a job. People that work themself up to make sales, meet targets, work all through the day to keep the bank growing. Now because he owns his bank, he can fire anyone since he did not use their father’s money to build his bank.

My God! Who do they think they are? All these employers do as they please, no sanction, nothing is given as a right to workers in the country. Workers react for not getting paid and the next thing this employers do is to threaten them with sack letter. No constitutional back up, if there is, it’s not effective. Only God can be the judge of them

I remembered my last place of work where my ex-boss compares himself with Aregbesola by saying he is just owing 5 months when a whole state government is owing 8 months and said it is bad for us to react for not being paid. The same Aregbesola threatened civil servants in his state that civil servants that did not go to work will be fired. Honorable Dokpesi owed AIT staffs for 1 year but had 2million to bail himself from prison, Yet people are still working for him.

See, that is the problem here. Please do the maths. There is a boss that owns the company you work for, who refuses paying your salary for 5 months or more and you keep going to work all through the five months. How do you get to work?, you borrow or you are smart to do other things by the side. Then, you react and he feels it is bad. They feel they are doing you a favour,  the drill they play is this; they know there is no easy way to get a job, they know you are sceptical of leaving because you have the thought, what if he pays the following week?, so, you are in that thought and you won’t know until you work for the same man for months without pay.

If anyone in this situation can put their fears aside step out of there, your life will be much better, because, you are giving without getting anything out. Even, the Most High God that owns life don’t operate that way.

This particular situation in this country is becoming unbearable, if at all, you have no means of payment, is it a crime to be apologetic and play the understanding part for people who are helping to increase your production and staying as loyal staffs to you? This humans should be thaught a lesson. I am waiting for that revolution where all the staffs of a particular company will stop working and people refuse to recruit to the company to see if they will go and recruit white men to do the job and the staffs sue the company to court. I want to see these bunch of sh*t head bosses being taught some manners the hard way. Christ!

Our government has a law that only works when it has to do with people in power. Social media is exposing them now they want to stop social media, they feel like marrying children then they make it a law, they want 6 trillion budget they sign it immediately, they easily find a way to make things become law when it has to do with them up there and an average Nigerian does not have a fighting point in the law to tame an uncircumcised employer. Such a shame!


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