AKONKE “Farewell to Love” sets to drop.

Guess you remembered our post on the making of Akonke’s video “Farewell to Love”. The audio and video of this trenchant song, AKONKE by Ark’Bishop, with central themes of “Genotype” and “Marriage” will officially be available online for downloads on 21st of January, 2016.


AKONKE is quite different from the other love songs. It carries the message of compatibility of intending couples, the agonies children with sickle cell anaemia (SCA) are subjected to by their parents under the disguise of love, the need to ensure such agonies are averted and SCA eradicated all over the Africa inspired the song.

Ark’Bishop noted that he feels good that AKONKE is sending an important message and a sharp contrast from recent Nigerian songs with little or no contribution to humanity. He has words of encouragement for those living with sickle cell “I have seen someone who is 60 and still alive, stay strong, be healthy and be good. The Lord is your strength”.

The director of the video and the CEO Lakeside Music Empire, Collin Iwayemi added his voice to this preeminent song set to drop on Thursday, “when I listened to the song, I was moved and realized we have to spread the message of such incompatibility and the need for people to know their genotype before rushing into any relationship”. The need to get proper interpretation of the message was a topmost job for the director. The job was achieved by effectively managing the cast.

I tag Anticankerworm the sickest producer ever seen in Nigeria, don’t know if there is another producer with such tag, this is personal to me.  He is the genius behind the production of AKONKE but he can’t stop his admiration for Ark’Bishop he referred to him “as a talent who thinks outside the box. Ark’Bishop did some crazy stunts, which I don’t have the right words to explain. You will definitely find out when you get to listen to this hit”. The infusion of guitar strings coupled with Yoruba beat patterns delivered the emotional message and gives a unique beauty. He believes AKONKE is a master piece that most be one everyone’s music diary.

Anticipate the official release of the audio and video on EkimogunMirror and other online platforms.

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