When the Abnormal is the Normal

I was born into this country it’s been two decades now and yet the power supplying companies are still not reliable.

I have seen women in labour being delivered of a baby by nurses, due to lack of power supply, the nurses have to use lantern. Not to talk of a doctor who prescribe drugs with lantern.

I have seen people lost their lives because they could not make it tithe hospital on time due to the poor condition of the roads

I have seen countless of times how patients lost their lives because the doctor on duty is asleep and won’t wake up to attend to them either because they want to sleep or because those patients haven’t off set their bills.

I constantly see kids sent out of school or totally out of school in this country. A future of thuggery is set in motion.

I have witnessed corruption at its peak. Until you bribe a government official before you are attended to. Ask the youth corps members, ask the pensioners, ask the ones who have things to do in the ministries.

The Hausa men killing these days have nothing to lose. They stay in uncompleted buildings, front of shops or lie down on the street.

This is just to mention a few. Yet there are no signs carried by the citizens on the street. We all have adjusted to this way of life. We cry and wipe the tears in the hidden places. We have cried for help, but we have been told to help ourselves. The abnormal has become the normal, we go about trying to male it work out in the turmoil.

Who is our leader? Their effort is little. Almost unseen. I pray one day. A generation will only read this story and not live it.  Because it seems even if normal comes, we might not know what to do with it.

God bless Nigeria.

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