THE NATURAL AFFAIR – Adegunloye Kayode

We all have our different views and perspectives of everything that evolves around us, and that is why most times out thinking differ from person to person.

However one aspect of life I believe by now there must have been a consensus is Nature, But unfortunately it’s all so disturbing to know that some people find it uninviting and we are so engrossed in clipping everything to Science so much that we have come to admit that most things happen because they are meant to happen, thereby suggesting that only a handful of the things around us are Natural. Someone said we can’t all be Naturalists or maybe Naturalistas as the case may be. True! But how badly affected is our belief in Nature, Life, Atmosphere, Wildlife or even Extraterrestrials and the likes of them…

Well, before we knew what we were doing, we found ourselves in the middle of a heated but friendly argument, It was real and you could tell with the way we poured out our minds as everyone backed his cause concretely. After we were done ranting, Did i say ‘ranting’? Obviously, because It was wild, extensive and more of an emotional articulation. A scientist friend of mine was of the notion that everything in life has a scientific reflection which I found difficult to concur plus thanks to the fact that I had a partner in crime who also subscribed to my point of view as he technically dismissed the earlier claims made by our scientist friend. Thereafter I couldn’t help but to dwell on the argument while I was alone,

Then I began to wonder about the ‘HOWS’ and the ‘HOW COMES’.

How possible it is that we sleep unconsciously and wake to nature’s gentle touch.

How we breathe in and out effortlessly.

How the same moon and sun is seen across countries.

How the Birds flap their wings and glide gracefully in the skies.

How the Animals roam and communicate both wild and unwild.

How everyone of us possess different palm lines.

How you clean and bathe daily and still left with atoms of dirt no matter how hard you try (Maybe it’s true we were made from dust)

How the Dogs and it’s kind have snouts.

How the Birds possess beaks instead.

How the Lion is beautified with manes and the Cheetah doesn’t but it’s blessed with the fastest feet.

How the pulsation of the heart stops for a second whenever we sneeze.

How we have people with dark complexion and some others are bodily fair.

How the male organs differ from that of the female but they somehow complement each other (woohoo).

How the Trees bend and rise tossing to the dictates of the wind, seemingly dancing.

How a large mass of earth and rock can possibly rise above the common earth level to form a mountain.

How the Ocean’s rumbling noise terrifies and equally excites.

How the rain pours to calm both the saints and the wicked.

How the Sun shines bright like a diamond to dry our wears, hallow and vicious.

How the snow comes and gently kiss the Trees and the Fields.

These were some of the things I reflected on and had no choice but to arrive a conclusion that Nature is indeed the real hero and it made me understand that every Human entity antedates Science. However, for those who believe that everything about life is scientifically oriented, I only hope these would make you have a rethink.

…You can forward in your debates after the cut! Thanks



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