Was in church yesterday  and I saw a lot of changes in church I did not know even existed. From the opening prayer to sharing of the grace was all about fuel scarcity.

The hymn that we sang had a line about fuel scarcity, I did not even know. During the offering time the pastor used the fuel scarcity as a leverage for God to bless us because the congregation has brought their tithe and offering despite high purchase of fuel. The choir had something to sing about it too, when the preacher came to the pulpit, he kept telling us to pray against unfriendly friends and my mind kept saying APC, I don’t know why.  Testifiers yesterday only had testimonies on their ability to get fuel despite the scarcity Lol.

Unlike other Sundays, there were more men in church, I even saw a family that came to church to dedicate a one year old baby, I guess it’s because the woman’s husband is at home today because they have limited fuel in the car, so they decided to use the fuel scarcity as an opportunity to do what they have not done after a year.

The whole nation is feeling it, it is the topic everywhere and no date to when all these will be over. Na wa o. Nija go survive sha!

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