The work place should be a place where people leave home to go and perform duties as expected by them by those organisations they are serving. The saying goes thus that “any man that doesn’t work must not eat” and that’s why the work place is a means of livelihood for many people. There are various kinds of people you meet at a work place today. My observation might be right to some extent but when you visit an office environment you meet these people.

THE DILIGENT WORKERS: These workers are always proactive in their jobs. They work with little or no supervision. They are always at their duty post whenever you check on them. Their service delivery is always unequivocally excellent. Most times they are always nominated to represent their organisation in conferences and seminars.

PAY- AS- YOU- GO WORKERS: These workers don’t always believe service delivery is free. They are mostly found in government establishments. You must always give them “money for coke” before your documents can be processed on their table. If they are secretaries, they expect anyone who wants to see their bosses to give them money for lunch.

FOOTBALL AND POLITICAL ANALYSTS: They are always in groups discussing politics and football. They virtually know everything happening around them. You see them under trees arguing on matches played over the weekend meanwhile abandoning their respective duty posts. They can tell you all you need to know in politics yet they’re not actively involved in it.

BUYERS AND SELLERS: They turn the office environment to a market place. They sell clothes, perfumes, shoes, underwear in different sizes to their colleagues. Workers that are always covetous buy everything that’s brought before them even when they can’t afford the items. Hence, they run into debts all the time.

SADISTS: Some workers are naturally sadists. They really don’t care about the happiness about people around them. They shout at their subordinates and even threaten to deal with them when there are little misunderstandings. In higher institutions, lecturers that are sadists derive joy in failing their students. They believe some particular grades are not meant for students to get.

OFFICE GOSSIPS: They are specialists in “information carrier”. They talk about everything they see in the organisation. They know who bought the latest car or who is dating another person in the same organisation. I pity them, anyway..

OFFICE PASTORS: Their colleagues call them pastors or “SU” even though they are not ordained by any denominations. They are always reserved and they discharge their duties well. They are not often seen in rowdy places where gossips are made. They believe things must always be done by following due process.

LOBBYISTS: These workers are always everywhere. They always jump from one desk to another trying to impress the boss everyone. They lobby their way to get promotions and undue favour within the organisation. If one is not careful with them they can lie on their fellow colleagues just to be favoured by the boss. They don’t mind the toes they are stepping on.


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