Based on research and findings of the mind, the word “I DO” ushers in certain demons into a marriage and these demons are; differences, expectations, external factors, boredom/ limited time, frustrated focus.

When the pastor or A registry clerk joins a man as a woman and they use the word “I DO” which is inevitable since it is like a norm, it’s like both parties are releasing venom. They both go home away from their families and start a new one on differences. The wife wants to cook something special the husband will appreciate and the husband comes home and requests for Eba,  the wife wants to sleep after that and his friends come to visit and she has to start cooking all over. If she does not cook or offer anything they stop coming, if she offers something they keep coming.

They both enter into the union with great expectations such as; when to start bearing children, number of children, when to start building their own house and a lot more and most of the time, the plan works out contrary and this frustrates the marriage too.

Another demon is the external factor. We all know how a wife walks on egg-shells with their mother-in-law and even in-laws in general. If it is not the in-laws it is the job or distractions from other things like younger women in every nook and crane these days with piercing eyes like an hawk.

Usually, since the woman is always suppose to take a lighter job or no job at all, she gets bored when the man is not home and this opens the door to a lot of things like jealousy, unnecessary distrust in her man, scrutinizing of his words and actions without having a relevant point to do so. Another avenue to gossip and other disgusting attitudes that can be imbibed by a woman.

Most of the time, when both parties are to concentrate on making things work is usually when they want to give up on trying. They get irritated over the numerous occurrence of a certain unpleasant pattern and decide to avoid or totally walk away from it.

The word “I do” is more like a declaration of war. If you are not trained for it. Don’t go to the war front.

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